James White on Leighton Flowers & Textual Variants

James White:

1) Belittles Dr Flowers’ understanding of textual transmission & variants

2) Hints to Dr Flowers’ employer that they might want to reconsider his employment

3) DOES NOT address the actual question: Did deterministic God INTEND for there to be variants, or not? Did God CAUSALLY DETERMINE scribes to make copyist errors, or not? Who ultimately, deterministically, exhaustively meticulously controls the thoughts and decisions and actions of the scribes – including their ‘mistakes’ (which under determinism, are sovereignly intended by God)?

4) Goes off on various tangents that don’t address the actual question.

5) Attempts to turn the question around with a loaded false dilemma, but only serves to prove the point that human free will DOES cause mistakes! (For the record, a position like Molinism or Dr Michael Heiser’s view easily answers White’s question on how God can inspire the writing of intended Scripture without overriding human free will – God knows exactly how the life experiences & circumstances of the writer will influence his output. Look at how the Baal Cycle influences Psalm 82, or 1 Enoch influences 1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jude.)

6) Says God didn’t use scribes as Xerox machines, but that’s the whole issue… Under determinism, EVERYONE is a machine that does exactly what God instructs!

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