In some of the groups I’m in, there are some King James Version Only proponents. One of the challenges they often throw out is along the lines of: “Can you point to one of your modern versions that contains the perfectly preserved original words of the Apostles?” (Because some of them DO think that the KJV has that pedigree, don’t dare y’all listen to that pesky textual transmission stuff!)

To which I respond: It is NOT actually better to make a lofty claim that is UNTRUE, compared to a modest claim that is defensible. Just because a KJVO claims that his version is perfect, does not mean it actually is – and it doesn’t mean they are automatically better just because a modern-version user DOESN’T make such a claim of perfection. (As a comparison, Islam has long claimed a perfectly preserved Quran – down to the letters and dots – and now see where Yasir Qadhi’s admission ‘the standard narrative has holes in it’ has gotten them!)

‘Make more modest claims’ – that is also the vibe I got from the Unbelievable discussion between James White and William Lane Craig. (And yes, it is ironic that James White is well known for his work pushing back against the KJVO movement!)

The former asserts that his Deterministic Calvinism comes straight out of the pages of Scripture. The latter honestly admits that Molinism is a philosophical construct that is used to try and comprehend what the Bible teaches (and also says that Deterministic Calvinism is similarly just a model – 72:30 Reformed Dogmatics moment!).

The fact that White makes a lofty claim and Craig makes a modest claim does not automatically mean that White has the higher-ground, more Biblical view – although that is the IMPRESSION that is portrayed and (often purposely) disseminated.

Anyone can make a claim, a bald assertion – but what should count is whether their claim is, in fact, proveably TRUE. Otherwise, he who speaks boldest and brags loudest will win the crowd (just as in much of politics).

Make more modest claims.

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