Memes Where Calvinism Totally Inverts Plain Bible Passages

Mainly due to ‘Regeneration Precedes Faith’.

See also related: JOEL WEBBON STUMPED ON COLOSSIANS 2:12 BY LEIGHTON FLOWERS and WWUTT’s Gabriel Hughes Stumped on Get Life to Get Christ To Get Life.

A very small subset of my 700+ memes at My Soteriological (and Other) Memes.

3 Responses to “Memes Where Calvinism Totally Inverts Plain Bible Passages”

  1. Kelly Says:

    These memes made me laugh. I wish people would start fresh and study their bibles daily before following a church. Then when they get to know God themselves and have a steady foundation and relationship with God, then go search for a church family. As much as I try to be unconfrontational, I don’t understand how believing God the Calvinist way is a just, infinitely understanding, merciful and loving God :/ From my perspective, Calvinist believe a mean, irrational god who plays rough with paper puppets…Like yeah, God causes everything to happen but we aren’t at God’s level and as far as He guides us at our level, He encourages us to choose life with Him. :/ Sometimes these things can really damage people and people around them and their faith. Rather than seek the truth, peeps be holding onto their perspective of the truth. They defend their perspective without wondering what the actual truth is. Then they indentify with their perspective. Rather than remaining humble and seeking God, Jesus, the truth.

  2. Scotttcast Says:

    Thanks, and I do agree that Calvinism can be very damaging to how believers and unbelievers view our God! Sadly this is one of the few ways that Calvinists act consistent with their beliefs, since it doesn’t matter how horrible what they say comes across – people are Unconditionally chosen and Irresistibly saved regardless of what we do.

    I don’t believe that, so I make these memes and arguments to push back against Calvinism’s horrible smears against God’s good name and sabotaging of people’s faith!

  3. Rebecca Teixeira Says:

    These memes are hilarious !
    But they’re true. You can’t make these things up.
    This is how Calvinists actually read and interpret the WoG.

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