Just a sudden idea as I was reflecting on the story of Job.

Ha Shatan in the Old Testament might be a title and not a proper name – it means The Accuser. But by the time of the New Testament, it is the proper name of the Devil, the old serpent who tempted Adam & Eve in the Garden.

I’m wondering if perhaps anyone could take up the post of Accuser if they were qualified, like a spiritual version of courtroom lawyerfare. In the incident of the census of Israel, clues even seem to point to YHWH Himself playing the role.

But in the New Testament, the devil is the accuser (Rev 12:10). Perhaps he did have such a formal role, but abused it by unfairly prosecuting humans – especially followers of Jesus who are imputed the righteousness of Christ.

Or perhaps all accusing belongs ultimately to YHWH alone who can delegate the task – David sang of sinning against Him alone in the case of Bathsheba, and Jesus forgave sins as only God alone has the right to. The devil usurped this role, just one of many ways he wants to be like and replace The Most High – so he was given Satan as a pseudonym.

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