So Dr Heiser has said that his own view leans towards Revelation 9 being about demons = spirits of the dead Nephilim being released from hell.

My own view leaned towards the locusts depicting combat helicopters, but now I think it’s drones. Rotors like hair, noise like galloping horses, shining metal breastplates, stinging like scorpions, coming out from the abyss (deep sea in Hebrew thought) and led by an angel whose name means Destroyer (the class of seafaring vessel usually used for weird weapons like this). The US Navy even names their system Project LOCUST:

But what if, to use a favourite Dr Heiser turn of the phrase: “So is it demons, or is it drones? …And the answer is, yes.”

Demons are disembodied spirits, they look for hosts to inhabit. Historically the hosts have always been humans or animals (e.g the herd of pigs at Gerasene).

But what if human techonology progresses to the point where computer hardware and/or software is advanced enough to replicate how a brain functions? Would a demon then be able to possess such a machine well enough to control the mechanical body? Mind-machine interface is already in the works, not just far-future science fiction.

So maybe Revelation 9 really is about a horde of evil spirits, but they’re possessins a swarm of advanced drones. Who needs AI or a remote human operator? That would also explain how UFOs can make sudden turns or acceleration that would kill any organic pilots with the G-forces.

(And no, I’m not proposing anything original. The Necrons in Warhammer 40k are basically the undead, but with their souls inhabiting robot bodies instead of organic corpses.)

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