Natural Knowledge, Probabilities & Middle Knowledge

The most interesting part to me is 51:10 to 1:17:45, whereby intrinsic probabilities (e.g. If Joe were placed in this situation, there is a 10% chance he will place his faith in Jesus vs 90% chance he won’t) are part of God’s Natural Knowledge… And then when God knows for certain through Middle Knowledge the actual result (e.g. If Joe were placed in this situation, he WOULD place his faith in Jesus), God is genuinely surprised. All happening in eternity past before the creative moment of course, but then reflected ‘real time’ to the human participants in the pages of Scripture.

(A reminder to myself, Middle Knowledge is NOT merely being able to calculate what decisions a person will make based on all factors – it is God MIRACULOUSLY perfectly knowing the decision a person will make even with genuine free will on behalf of the person. This is a correction to my earlier mis-understanding of MK.)

Example quote:

58:35 “So I’ll just give one illustration, Jeremiah 32 where God says to Judah ‘They built the high places of Baal and the Valley of the son of Hinnom to offer up their sons and daughters to Molech, though I did not command them nor did it enter my mind that they should do this abomination’. So the text metaphorically depicts the literal truth, that in the logical order of things, God’s Natural Knowledge that the people of Judah offering their children to Molech was intrinsically improbable came before God’s Middle Knowledge that Judah would nonetheless offer the children to Molech. And the specific language ‘nor did it enter my mind’ first further metaphorically indicates that the intrinsic probability of the people’s offering their children to Molech was extremely low.”

Followed by a way to reconcile Transworld Damnation with passages like “If the miracles had been performed in Tyre/Sidon/Sodom”. Jesus is stating that if A) He had ministered 2000 years earlier in Sodom, then B) They would respond positively. But in actual fact, A is unfeasible because e.g. Sodom would have killed Jesus before He could perform any miracles. So the statement “If A then B” is literal and true, but A can never actually happen even in other feasible worlds. The Transworld Damned thus might not be damned if certain circumstances happened, but (of their own free will?) those certain circumstances can never actually happen in any feasible world.

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