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Goodbye, Kitty Thong

January 16, 09

Kitty Poo passed away this morning. He was hit by a car.

My parents held him in their arms as he soon breathed his last breath. I’m glad it was quick…

We will miss this darling kitten, especially mum and dad… He was their little angel.

Goodbye, Kitty… We’ll see you in heaven again one day. It won’t be paradise without you.

The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away;
may the name of the LORD be praised. – Job 1:20

What Kitty was like:

Kitty Thong vs Long Lizard

December 5, 08

The Thong family kitten/cat fights his first lizard… And it’s one of the big ones, not a wall gecko!

Round One:

Round Two:

Some preview images:

KitKit – New Thong Family Kitten Videos

October 13, 08

The cute newest member of my family:

Kitkit Thong family cat

Kitkit Thong family cat

Kitkit Thong family cat

No official name as of yet, but generally called Kitkit.

Read more about him and see more pics at Jamie’s blog: This is…Kitty.

Videos below the fold for your amusement! There are 22 videos.

I highly recommend Kitten’s first bath 1 (the 15th video below)!


CatCat in a Holey Bukket Lolz

July 23, 08

Please vote for my lolcat at this link or this other link.

A vote for my lolz is a vote for CatCat!

More bucket lols are at ICanHasCheezburger.

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Yet More CatCat Pics

July 23, 08

See the CatCat category for more CatCat posts.

Thong family cat, CatCat, really does the typical catty things like sit in funny places, play with toilet paper rolls, snub people but later demand attention, sit on the keyboard…

Captions following pics below by Simon Thong.

New baskets, Catcat must try them out.

She loves to lie in dusty places like the back portion of the house. Gets covered with cobwebs…

She hopped in on her own!

Amazing tail, isn’t it?

She begs ma for tuna every day..

She loves fish

After that scrumptious tuna, she wipes her face with her paws and licks them. SLURP! Last taste of tuna’s going, going, gone.

CatCat Videos and More Pics

July 14, 08

See the CatCat category for more CatCat posts.

This is CatCat, now officially the Thong family cat:


Since the last update, there have been more adventures of this very unique, yet typically catty housepet.

She keeps my parents company, amused, and busy.

It’s really God’s blessing that this poor affectionate cat, who was probably abandoned by her previous owners, finalky found a new family and home after pitifully begging at the doorsteps of houses around the neighborhood.

And all because I stopped to beckon to her, and she came nearer to be petted one night around the Malaysia 2008 General Elections.

So here are the latest mischiefs of the Thong family cat, with commentary by my dad:

She got it when I upended my arm chair.

When she got tired, she lay her head onto the holder and slept. It’s now her pillow.

I couldn’t get it away from her: she grabbed my hand, sank her teeth into it (I could feel the pain but there were no marks at all), and glared at me until I said, “Sorry, Catcat.” Only then did she let go. Fierce fighter, haha.

Top of the backyard.


And here are the videos embedded! Most are quite dark, and CatCat doesn’t do much except lie on the floor like a rug. You can spin her 360 degrees on the smooth marble tiles and she won’t budge or even fidget.

There are 19 below the fold.

Videos number 1, 9, 10, 19 and 20 are the better ones.


CatCat or Sometimes Miaow

May 27, 08

See the CatCat category for more CatCat posts.

Click to view full size pics.

This is CatCat, or sometimes, Miaow.


It’s a very manja, human-loving cat. And very fluffy.

It’s a stray that wanders around my Ipoh house, but as I said it’s very friendly with humans.

In fact, it actively seeks out human companionship. My dad will put out dry cat food for it when it comes and meows in its high-pitched, very cham and te voice, but it won’t eat till it is pet a bit.

Yes, my dad and mum actually like this cat. It’s quite amazing because they haven’t liked cats before, especially strays.

But this cat is so persistent and unafraid of people, and pretty looking, that it’s wormed its way into their hearts. It started off the friendship by leaving a present of a dead shrew on the doorstep.

Yesterday, when CatCat didn’t show up, my dad actually wondered where it could be and if it was all right. But it was just off on its adventures in the neighborhood, where other families must feed it or it gets food some other way.

It all started when I met this stray cat walking past the house gate as I came home at night, during the Election 2008 time. It was wary of me, but when I crouched down and opened my hand out to it, it came to be petted.

The next night, it apparently sat on the car I had driven waiting for me. Well, at first my dad shooed it away. But it kept on coming back.

It would sit in the driveway and wait for my parents to come home to greet them. Soon enough, CatCat or sometimes Miaow (as it got named) would get an occasional pet, then later chicken scraps, and now regular catfood.

CatCat isn’t allowed in the house at all… Or wasn’t. It used to be, it was sternly kept out of the house, with a little boot to the rear and the wooden door closed behind it.

Now it gets in as far as the hall, sits down, and when no one is looking quickly sneaks off to the dining room and kitchen to explore and hide.

Once, it ran upstairs, to the room, and onto the balcony when it was told to get out. So my dad locked it out on the 2nd storey balcony for the night. The next morning, he opened the door to the room and CatCat came out and went downstairs. Lesson learnt (for now).

Here are more pics of the pretty, very fluffy, very affectionate cat.


CatCat getting a rub that it can enjoy for apparently endless time.


CatCat lying on the floor.


CatCat lying under the chairs. Nice yellow and blue eyes from the camera flash.


Pretty eyes!


Slanty eyes with camera flash makes a Transformers Robot Cat.


Catcat may have Ragdoll genes… Doesn’t struggle at all even though you cuddle it for a long time.


Stayed still long enough for several shots.

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