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The Silent Scream – Ultrasound Video of a Baby Being Brutally Aborted

March 11, 09

The Silent Scream is an anti-abortion video that – through the use of real-time ultrasound – shows the actual process of aborting a 11-week old fetus in all its terrifying detail.

The website is at, where you can download Quicktime files of the video.

Excerpts from the video description information:

Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s classic video that shocked the world. He explains the procedure of a suction abortion, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound.

The viewer can see the child’s pathetic attempts to escape the suction curette as her heart rate doubles, and a “silent scream” as her body is torn apart.

Three-dimensional depiction of the developing fetus, from 4 weeks through 28 weeks. Display and usage of the abortionists’ tools, plus video of an abortionist performing a suction abortion.

The abortionist was quite skilled, having performed more than 10,000 abortions. We discover that the resulting ultrasound of his abortion so appalled him that he never again performed another abortion.

The clip begins with an ultrasound of the fetus (girl) who is about to be aborted. The girl is moving in the womb; displays a heartbeat of 140 per minute; and is at times sucking her thumb.

As the abortionist’s suction tip begins to invade the womb, the child rears and moves violently in an attempt to avoid the instrument. Her mouth is visibly open in a “silent scream.” The child’s heart rate speeds up dramatically (to 200 beats per minute) as she senses aggression. She moves violently away in a pathetic attempt to escape the instrument.

The abortionist’s suction tip begins to rip the baby’s limbs from its body, ultimately leaving only her head in the uterus (too large to be pulled from the uterus in one piece). The abortionist attempts to crush her head with his forceps, allowing it to be removed.

In an effort to “dehumanize” the procedure, the abortionist and anesthesiologist refer to the baby’s head as “number 1.” The abortionist crushes “number 1” with the forceps and removes it from the uterus.

Women are victims, too. They haven’t been told about the true nature of the unborn child or the facts about abortion procedures. Their wombs have been perforated, infected, destroyed, and sterilized. All as a result of an operation about which they they have had no true knowledge. NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood are accused of a conspiracy of silence, of keeping women in the dark about the reality of abortion.

Finally, Dr. Nathanson discusses his credentials. He is a former abortionist, having been the director of the largest clinic in the Western world.

I’ve included the Youtubes of the video below. The following is a summary of what each video part contains.

Part 1 is an introduction to what abortion actually entails.

Part 2 explains how the abortion instruments are actually used on the fetus – cutting off and crushing its head.

Part 3 is the ‘highlight’ of the series. Video of an ultrasound taken while the baby is being murdered in its mother’s womb. Towards the middle of the video, you see the fetus bucking and kicking, trying desperately to escape as the abortionist rams the implement into the womb and eventually kills the child.

Part 4 has abortion statistics (current modern statistics are 1.2 million abortions per month worldwide) and gruesome images of the leftover body parts of murdered aborted fetuses. If you don’t care to see dead and dismembered babies (with human faces), don’t watch.

Part 5 wraps up, and has images of a beautiful fetus… Contrasted with another image of a murdered abortion victim.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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If Abortion is Legal, So Should Infanticide and Child Murder Be

February 29, 08

I have pointed out before the absurd illogicity of legalizing abortion, particularly late-term abortions where the fetus is up to 24 weeks old (and has a skull that needs to be crushed, a brain that needs to be vacuumed out and limbs that need to be cut up to facilitate removal from the womb).

Compare and see:

Killing a baby in a crib = MURDER

Killing a pregnant woman = DOUBLE MURDER (one for the woman, one for the unborn child)

Killing a baby in the womb = LEGAL ABORTION


This is true, insofar as if the baby is not fully killed by the abortion procedure, leaving it to die in the clinic is prosecutable as infanticide.

So all that differentiates infanticide from legal abortion is a flap of flesh separating the baby from the outside world.

Of course, the logical conclusion would be that ABORTION = MURDER.

But no… I really shouldn’t be surprised that in this sinful, fallen world, the same comparison would instead lead to liberals concluding that INFANTICIDE = INALIENABLE RIGHT OF A MOTHER.

Via Moonbattery, a frightening truth is revealed:

A Sauk Village girl who suffocated her newborn daughter, then placed her in the trash, was sentenced Tuesday to 5 years of probation and mandatory counseling by a Cook County Juvenile Court judge.

She was arrested in October 2006 after she told detectives she secretly gave birth in the middle of the night in the bathroom of her house. She was 14 at the time. Authorities said that after she gave birth, her younger sister cut the baby’s umbilical cord, fed the baby formula and put her to bed.

That morning the teen went to school. When she came home, she suffocated the baby with a blanket and put her body in the trash, police said. The body was found later that night by a female relative.

The girl was found guilty of second-degree murder and concealing a homicide in October.

The girl, who is now 16 and is not being named because she is a juvenile, appeared in the Markham courthouse before Judge Michael W. Stuttley. She didn’t speak during the sentencing hearing, and kept her eyes lowered during much of the proceeding. Stuttley also sentenced the girl to complete 100 hours of community service at a day-care center.

Now, I can understand the fear, confusion and immaturity this young girl must have. Nonetheless, the utter lack of moral foundation led her to selfishly decide that “Ending my baby’s life is better than me getting in trouble.”

And see where the pro-choice world is headed by taking a look at the Netherlands, perhaps the most liberal (legal drugs, legal prostitution, legal homosexuality, legal abortion, legal euthaniasia, legal zoophilia) place on earth:


Now They Want to Euthanize Children

In the Netherlands, 31 percent of pediatricians have killed infants. A fifth of these killings were done without the “consent” of parents. Going Dutch has never been so horrible.
by Wesley J. Smith

FIRST, Dutch euthanasia advocates said that patient killing will be limited to the competent, terminally ill who ask for it.

Then, when doctors began euthanizing patients who clearly were not terminally ill, sweat not, they soothed: medicalized killing will be limited to competent people with incurable illnesses or disabilities.

Then, when doctors began killing patients who were depressed but not physically ill, not to worry, they told us: only competent depressed people whose desire to commit suicide is “rational” will have their deaths facilitated.

Then, when doctors began killing incompetent people, such as those with Alzheimer’s, it’s all under control, they crooned: non-voluntary killing will be limited to patients who would have asked for it if they were competent.

And now they want to euthanize children.

In the Netherlands, Groningen University Hospital has decided its doctors will euthanize children under the age of 12, if doctors believe their suffering is intolerable or if they have an incurable illness.

But what does that mean? In many cases, as occurs now with adults, it will become an excuse not to provide proper pain control for children who are dying of potentially agonizing maladies such as cancer, and doing away with them instead.

As for those deemed “incurable”–this term is merely a euphemism for killing babies and children who are seriously disabled.

Indeed, a disturbing 1997 study published in the British medical journal, the Lancet, revealed how deeply pediatric euthanasia has already metastasized into Dutch neo natal medical practice: According to the report, doctors were killing approximately 8 percent of all infants who died each year in the Netherlands

That amounts to approximately 80-90 per year. Of these, one-third would have lived more than a month. At least 10-15 of these killings involved infants who did not require life-sustaining treatment to stay alive. The study found that a shocking 45 percent of neo-natologists and 31 percent of pediatricians who responded to questionnaires had killed infants.

Dutch doctors are able to engage in the kind of euthanasia activities that got some German doctors hanged after Nuremberg.

For those who object to this assertion by claiming that German doctors killed disabled babies during World War II without consent of parents, so too do many Dutch doctors: Approximately 21 percent of the infant euthanasia deaths occurred without request or consent of parents.

Moreover, since when did parents attain the moral right to have their children killed?

Blame the radically altered mindset that results when killing is redefined from a moral wrong into a beneficent and legal act.

If killing is right for, say the adult cancer patient, why shouldn’t it be just as right for the disabled quadriplegic, the suicidal mother whose children have been killed in an accident, or the infant born with profound mental retardation?

At that point, laws and regulations erected to protect the vulnerable against abuse come to be seen as obstructions that must be surmounted. From there, it is only a hop, skip, and a jump to deciding that killing is the preferable option.


And I would add, if killing is right for the unborn baby (as pro-choicers say), why shouldn’t it be just as right for the born infant?

Indeed, now that the ‘progressive’ world has decided that taking away the life of a non-consenting baby is the inalienable right of the mother, how long before this ‘right to take away life’ is extended to everyone else?

The doctors will forbid medical aid to be given to those whom they deem ‘unworthy’. (Did I say will? I mean, already do.)

The white racists will forcibly abort the black babies. (Did I say will? I mean, already are.)

Governments will round up and gas ‘social undesirables’ like vagabonds and the elderly. (Did I say will? I mean, aleady did in 1940s Nazi Germany and already do today in the Netherlands, see the news piece above.)

And a mother will snuff out their 5-year old child’s life because he is ‘inconvenient’ to her dating life. (Did I say will? Read the first half of this post again.)

And do you know what? One day, these ‘social progressives’ will one day be old and sick and OH-SO-INCONVENIENT to keep around… And then they will have the privilege of enjoying the exact same treatement they advocated all their lives.

It’s just too bad that the pro-abortion supporters did not themselves have the experience of being aborted.

Extremist Pro-Life Christian Fascists Have Killed Millions in the Name of Stopping Abortion! (Well, Maybe Not Quite That Many)

February 21, 08

Sourced via Moonbattery

Quiz time: How many people have unhinged, fascistic, extremist fundamentalist Christian bigots murdered in recent years?

Judging by the insinuating vehemence shown by liberals and atheists towards Christians and their beliefs, it must be a whoooooooole lot, right? After all, those nutter pro-lifers regularly attack abortionists and firebomb Planned Parenthood clinics.

Just look at how many incidents of mass murder pro-lifers have carried out in the name of stopping abortion:

Crutcher notes that in the years 1993 and 1994, the worst period of violence in pro-life history in which five abortionists and clinic workers were killed, more farmers and twice as many hairdressers were murdered on the job. (The total number of murders that have occurred since Roe v. Wade passed in 1973 is seven.)

Oh, dear Morgan Freeman! Seven murders over 35 years? That’s one murder every five years, or one fifth of a murder every single year! Christian religious terrorism is so ghastly! 

The Associated Press concurs on that point:

When it comes to fears about a terrorist attack, people in the U.S. usually focus on Osama bin Laden and foreign-based radical groups. Yet researchers say domestic extremists who commit violence in the name of their cause — abortion or the environment, for example — account for most of the damage from such incidents in this country.

Amazing! Since we aaaaaaaall know that the liberal media doesn’t lie, EVAH, that means that Christo-maniacs have wreaked more havoc than 9/11 ever did!!

*Ahem.* To put things into perspective, over 3000 people died in a single morning from 9/11. Seven abortion enablers were killed by pro-lifers.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the liberal media seeks to convince you that 7 > 3000.

The editors must have been working really hard at their fuzzy maths textbooks. Or maybe they believe that Osama is a Southern Baptist stooge, so anything he does counts as anti-abortion-clinic terrorism.

Meanwhile, Atheistic Communism killed perhaps 100 million people over the past century.

And currently, more than ONE MILLION BABIES are murdered in the womb every single month.

The dementia of liberals and atheists leads them to continually accuse Christians of being the world’s worst people. They denounce us as hate-filled fascists who just can’t wait for a chance to sacrifice unbelievers in the name of their cruel and demented God.

But the real world facts show otherwise.
(They always do, Moonbats, they always do.)

(Yes, Samuel Skinner, this post is partly addressed to your remarks, 2nd last sentence.)

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