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Video: Refuting Al Gore on CO2 Levels and Temperature

December 14, 07

If you guys are here from the US Politics discussion board, see this massive collection of evidence refuting global warming claims, including the ignorant claim that Earth is still warming and the polar ice caps are melting.


Since Al Gore refuses to debate reputable skeptics of global warming, preferring instead to spread his propaganda unchallenged in the mass media, Demand Debate decided to splice together their own ‘debate with Al Gore’ by comparing his claims with their factually-based science.

The result: The Al Gore Debates Global Warming Video. Click the link to see the video on Youtube, or embedded below:

It’s a short but very informative 9 minute video, comparing the claims made by Al Gore in his (thoroughly debunked) film An Inconvenient Truth with the REAL facts of the matter.

Below I take you through the highlights (i.e. parts that work well as screen-captured graphics), with explanation, but I highly encourage you to spend the 9 minutes to patiently sit through Al Bore’s outright and knowing lies and then find out the truth behind the CO2 smokescreen.

Comments follow pics. Most pics of graphs can be enlarged:



It starts off with Al Gore (yes, I intentionally chose the least flattering moment to screen-capture)…


Showing off his CO2-levels and temperature graph.


Notice something? If you look closely, does the temperature line (above) actually start moving after the CO2 line (below)? More on that later…

But first off, the skeptical scientists immediately debunk Gore’s claim that CO2 levels have never been as high as now by revealing that in the past, CO2 levels have been 3 to 10 times higher (3rd paragraph of link) than today’s measly 0.0383% of the atmosphere!


The global temperature record shows a very curious trend – the warming of the world occured before 1940, when industry was nowhere near the capacity of modern times. Yet, during the post WWII industrial boom when massive amounts of CO2 were being spewed into the atmosphere, temperatures actually decreased!


Here it is closer up again.


The temperature record for the Arctic shows it even more clearly. Again, most of the temperature rise occurs before 1940. But when industry (and carbon emissions) masively boomed, the temperature dropped until 1975!


Stunning. This is why Al Gore spends so little time on the supposedly grand-indicting temperature/CO2 chart, and doesn’t allow us a close look at it. Even when he made An Inconvenient Truth, he knew that the data showed CO2 levels following temperature levels, not the other way round as he falsely and dishonestly claims!


A close up, showing the clear 800 year lag where temperature goes up and down, then CO2 levels follow by going up and down 800 years later. The AGW crowd cannot satisfactorily explain away with their illogical claims of positive feedback, which would have resulted in temperatrues shooting upwards nonstop until the Earth became like Venus.


Super close up. In short, on the matter of the temperature-CO2 relationship, Al Gore is trying to sell us a totally reversed cause-and-effect, like claiming that someone getting shot in the head is caused by that person dying of brain trauma.

And to finish, I present the credentials of the array of respectable scientists who flatly contradict and reject Al Gore’s shamster junk science. Global warming fearmongering hysterians, I dare you to accuse every one of these men of being on the payroll of ExxonMobil or G.W. Bush.


Professor Nir Shaviv, Institute of Physics, University of Jerusalem






And also Professor Emeritus Frederick Singer, Former Director, US National Weather Service

So much for ‘scientific consensus on global warming’ and ‘no reputable scientists deny the reality of CO2’s role in causing global warming’. If the 99.95% of the whole world’s scientists rejected global warming, its proponents would still portray it as having the support of the majority.

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