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35 Scientific Errors (or Intentional Lies) in An Inconvenient Truth

October 30, 07

See also Global Warming is Unfactual for more updates on the no-show of global warming.

So last you heard, Al Gore’s propaganda film, ‘A Collection of Convenient Outright Lies’ ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was found to contain at least 9 serious errors… By the British High Court no less.

Now, ramp that up to at least 35 serious errors.

As I’ve learnt from Is It Getting Warmer, the Science and Public Policy Institute has reviewed all of Al Gore’s convenient misrepresentations and determined 35 key facts that Gore portrayed wrongly. The blog host also meticulously researched each of the SPPI’s criticisms and gives a rundown of the accuracy of each claim at this link.

Gore could have gotten his facts through his scientific incompetence, or perhaps by getting his information from only certain biased sources.

But my personal opinion is that Gore INTENTIONALLY LIES throughout the film. He is dishonest, manipulative, sneaky and utterly self-serving.

If you think my remarks are unfair and unfounded, just remember that Al Gore has been shown to change his stance 180-degrees and lie for personal political gain, he stands to profit immensely if governments enforce carbon offsets out of fear, and he totally does not subscribe to his own directives to us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

So yes, I do think he intentionally lies throughout his film, in order to spread hysteria and panic about global warming.

Below are the 35 errors pointed out by the SPPI article, with my short summary of the actual truths behind each dishonest fib. See the full explanations at Science and Public Policy Institute article:


1. Sea level “rising 6 m”
Even the IPCC’s maximum estimate is a mere 59cm… In the year 2100.

2. Pacific islands “drowning”
They aren’t. The sea levels around the Maldives haven’t changed for 1250 years. Same goes for Vanuatu.

3. Thermohaline circulation “stopping”
In reality, it is strengthening.

4. CO2 “driving temperature”
It is a clear and well accepted fact that temperature drives CO2 levels.

5. Snows of Kilimanjaro “melting”
Temperature at the summit never rises above freezing. Most of the melt occured before 1936.

6. Lake Chad “drying up”
It also dried up in 8500BC, 5500BC, 1000BC and 100BC. Where was our carbon-polluting human industry then?

7. Hurricane Katrina “man made”
Maximum hurricane wind speed and number of hurricanes has not increased.


8. Polar bears “dying”
Four bears died in a storm. Four. Measly. Bears. Meanwhile, there are 25000 polar bears today compared to 5000 in 1940.

9. Coral reefs “bleaching”
It was caused by an unusual El Nino pattern, not global warming.

10. 100 ppmv of CO2 “melting mile-thick ice”
Gore overstates the effect of CO2 ten times greater than even the IPCC’s highest estimate.

11. Hurricane Caterina “manmade”
Air temperatures in the area were the coldest in 25 years, not warmest.

12. Japanese typhoons “a new record”
Tropical cyclone frequency has fallen in the past 50 years.

13. Hurricanes “getting stronger
They haven’t in 60 years.

14. Big storm insurances losses “increasing”
Insured losses in hurricane-prione areas were lower in 2005 than 1905.

15. Mumbai “flooding”
There’s been no increase in rainfall over 48 years.

16. Severe tornadoes “more frequent”
Severe tornadoes have fallen in frequency for the last 50 years. Tropical storms are also at the lowest frequency in decades.


17. The sun “heats the Arctic ocean”
The ocean emits more heat than it receives from the sun.

18. Arctic “warming fastest”
It’s actually 1 degree cooler now than in 1940.

19. Greenland ice sheet “unstable”
The ice sheet did not break up during the last three times when the temperature was 5 degrees hotter than today.

20. Himalayan glacial melt waters “failing”
The snow melt which provides water has not decreased in 40 years.

21. Peruvian glaciers “disappearing”
For the past 10,000 years the Peruvian ‘glacier’ region has been mostly ice free.

22. Mountain glaciers worldwide “disappearing”
Human CO2 output has had no effect on the already-present glacier shortening trend.


23. Sahara desert “drying”
In the past 25 years, the Sahara shrunk by 300,000 square kilometres due to increased rainfall.

24. West Antarctic ice sheet “unstable”
Antarctic ice is at its thickest in nearly 28 years.

25. Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves “breaking up”
Gore concentrates on the 2% of Antarctica that is experiencing some warming, while conciously neglecting to mention the 98% of Antarctica that is cooling.

26. Larsen B Ice Shelf “broke up because of ‘global warming'”
The ice shelfs have been breaking up since 10,000 years ago.

27. Mosquitoes “climbing to higher altitudes”
The graph says it all: Wrong.


28. Many tropical diseases “spread through ‘global warming'”
None of the diseases quoted are tropical, none are affected by increasing temperature, and some even cause more harm at colder temperatures.

29. West Nile virus in the US “spread through ‘global warming'”
West Nile virus flourishes in any climate, from desert to ice.

30. Carbon dioxide is “pollution”
Forests are thriving due to the increasing CO2 levels.

31. The European heat wave of 2003 “killed 35,000”
Cold snaps kill people, but the IPCC does not include the number of lives that would be saved due to less cold weather.

32. Pied flycatchers “cannot feed their young”
A few tens of kilometres north, and there is no notable difference.

33. Gore’s bogus pictures and film footage
Gore plays fast and loose with falsely used images.

34. The Thames Barrier “closing more frequently”
It is closed to retain tidal water in the Thames.

35. “No fact…in dispute by anybody.”
Do I even have to mention these?

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  • Climate Skeptic
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  • CONCLUSION: It’s clear that Al Gore and his film have got the facts totally wrong, reversed, upside-down and etc on almost every count. An Inconvenient Truth is truly an amazing piece of bullcr@p, and it’s even more amazing that anybody still trusts anything it and Gore have to say.

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