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While Moonbat Media Fiddlesticks It to Christians, The West Burns

February 15, 08

Moonbats seem to be totally convinced that the greatest threat to modern civilization is the very same force that built Western society in the first place – the Christians.

They base their notions on the actions of the church in ancient and medieval history; on nuanced readings of the Bible; and on isolated incidents perpetuated by nutter extremists.

But perhaps the strongest factor causing this completely skewed, LSD-high-style delusion among Moonbats is the portrayal of Christians as the demented evil arch-nemeses of peace in the mainstream media (the only source of knowledge for many armchair-rooted Moonbats).

Liberal media personalities like Kathy Griffin , Rosie O’Donnell and even Good Morning America regularly demonstrate their myopic hatred of Christians on air. (Ironically, Christian preachers who use the same kind of strong language against homosexuals would be denounced as hateful bigots.)

Recent cinema films are replete with portrayals of Christians as insane, Bible thumping murderers, such as Mrs Carmody in Stephen King’s The Mist; Silas and his masters in The Da Vinci Code; and God Himself along with the entire church in The Golden Compass.

Primetime serials join in, portraying Christians as hypocritical sexual perverts who stone people to death in their secret club and cover up the crime with a fake aura of holiness. Yes, I’m sure this happens as often as mugging murders. And then they top it off by showing how Christians like to behead Muslims. Oh yeah, totally not vice versa. (Meanwhile, 24 gets flak for trying to realistically portray actual world events. And oh, there are groups who actually DO stone people to death today.)

Even comic books are in on the Christian bashing. In the latest story arc of the X-Men, an earlier recurring main villian returns in the form of a Christian neo-fascist hate group led by a tele-evangelist style Reverend who is fanatically devoted to murdering all mutants. (With nary a mention of Christians who support peace, compassion and love – you know, like Jesus taught in the Bible that Moonbats have neevr peeked inside of but love to denounce?)

And public education in schools is not spared. Does anyone remember exactly who invaded that school in Beslan with guns and suicide explosive vests, took the children hostage for days, sexually abused the preteen girls, and eventually killed hundreds? According to this school exercise, it was probably churchgoers and they’ll do it again in America.

Yes, in the unreal fantasies of Moonbats, Christians really are the world’s worst people.

But while their noses are buried in skewed academia, fabulist entertainment and their own smugness, Moonbats neglect to watch the real-world news to find out what is REALLY happening in the world around them, today.

Are those Christians atacking police, rioting and burning cars? Are those evangelical pastors calling for a total war on all nonbelievers? Are those Bible Belt churches inciting and training people to go out and kidnap, bomb and behead Westerners?

You liberals believe that Christian fundamentalists could one day, possibly-perhaps-maybe-might-could-potentially intend to impose fascistic theological law, persecute atheists and homosexuals, treat women as chattel and cattle, and turn back the clock to the Dark Ages.

Well let me ‘enlightenment’ you about a fact: Proper educated Christians haven’t done that in centuries, and will likely not do it in the present or the future… But there are others groups who actively and violently attack freedom, nonbelievers, homosexuals and women every single day, RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE.

And you atheists, who take such pride in your logic – I suggest you use it, and consider how many Christians REALLY take those out-of-context, seemingly violent Bible verses as their sole guiding vision. As opposed to other groups who are actively carrying out the specific, direct and literal violent commands in their holy texts, even as you are reading this blog post.

So go ahead and keep bashing Christians in the media and all over the Net. Someone else is even now gearing up to attack you haraam liberals and kaffir atheists.

And trust me: They are certainly not as stereotypically nice as your much-smeared Christians, nor will they use only words and logic to make their scimitar-point to you.

American Civil Liberties Union Religious Bias

July 24, 07




Above from The Ryskind Sketchbook.

The American Civil Liberties Union often demonstrates the odd secular-liberal habit of kowtowing over backwards to appease Muslim demands and sensitivities in the name of ‘tolerance’, ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘multiculturalism’

…While going out of their way to trample on the rights of Christians in the name of ‘separation of church and state’, ‘combating hateful language’ and ‘opposing religious discrimination.’

Fair and unbiased indeed. Hyper-hypocrisy more like! If you want to be heavy handed and deny religious believers their rights, at the very least be equally obnoxious towards ALL groups!

So join all of us who stand for true justice, equality and righteousness as we cry out: STOP THE ACLU!

See these posts for more ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberals Union) bias, and other blatantly biased activities where the ACLU’s protests and lawsuits in the name of ‘tolerance’ are nowhere to be seen :

ACLU’s Bias Against Christianity

The ACLU’s Liberal Bias

The ACLU vs. religious liberty

ACLU Assaults Constitution, Promotes Islam

The ACLU’s Hold on the Court (regarding the barring of teaching Intelligent Design from schools)

ACLU Biased On Religion? (correlated by Snopes)

ACLU Trying to Ban Bowing Head During Prayer (football coach ruled by court to be allowed to bow, kneel and pray as he has been doing for 25 years, but ACLU challenges decision)

An Army of Wiki Watchers (second gray box from top, ACLU employee edited Wikipedia article on the Pope to add in smear accusations)

ABC Equates Christianity with 9/11 (by mixing images of the World Trade Centre 9-11 attacks with a man holding up a sign saying ‘One Nation Under God.’ Here’s a thought experiment for you: Replace that man with an image of an imam and see how fast CAIR and the ACLU lunge for ABC’s legal throat.)

Ban Halloween, Christmas, Easter and pork from schools – To appease Muslims.

Blasphemous Ad For San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair (will the media condemn this offense against Christians with the same vigour they displayed in condemning the offense against Musims caused by the Danish Mohammed cartoons? Of course not. Also at Miller Beer steps in it again: The Folsom Street Fair fiasco)

Chicago Area Schools Ban Santa, Halloween, and Jell-O for Allah (in an effort to be more ‘culturally inclusive’, Chicago schools ban food and culture that is offensive to Muslims. Of course, food and culture offensive to any other religions is ignored.)

District sued over Islam studies (amazing double standards. While Christians are forbidden to utter even silent, personal prayers in US school cafeterias, kids in California are led to praise Allah and role-play as robed Muslims in official school curriculum. The textbooks used are also biased in favour of Islam and against Christianity.)

Dress like a Muslim day in school (While Christians are forbidden to even bow their heads or have a moment of silence in prayer, purportedly secular schools are encouraging/forcing studenst to dress in the manner of a certain religion. Cartoon below from Red Planet Cartoons at same link.)


Flags: Legal expression of free speech for an American to burn or desecrate the American flag, but a crime for an American to burn Mexicn flag. Also, hanging the Mexican flag above an upside-down American flag is a good thing.

GMU: Broadside Stands Up to Inequality (meditation space at the Johnson Centre is meant for all faiths, but being taken over for exclusive use of only certain faiths.)

Hot topic: Muslim prayer in public schools (Muslim students get 15 minutes off class to pray… A privilege not afforded to any other faith. Not exactly the inviting imams to lead prayers mentioned in the cartoon, but close.)

Islamic Rage Boy is Hate Speech? (cursing everyone is okay, but chiding the curser is not)

It’s the winter solstice, Charlie Brown! (Ann Coulter on anti-Christian-but-hey-let’s-promote-other-religions examples)

Kids told to write ‘Allah is God’ (ostensibly for ‘handwriting practise’. As usual, the ACLU is nowhere to be seen when this promotion of religion in public schools happens. They are only alert when you try stunts like copying Bible verses. See also Stop the Madrassas: What’s happening in your neighborhood schools?, with following cartoon from Red Planet Cartoons🙂


Michigan University Plans to Install Foot-washing Basins (as mentioned by the cartoon at top… So when will Christians get indoor pools for their full-immersion baptisms?)

Muslim religion taught under guise of history
(material on Islam given preferential treatment that would be outcried if the religion in question were any other, such as perfomring skits about the tenets of Islam. Similar to the above link to ‘ACLU Biased on Religion?’ that is correlated by

Saudis in the Classroom (with accompanying news report This is a Saudi textbook)

South Park: Cartoon Wars Part II (where a completely non-obscene, non-insulting brief appearance by Mohammed was censored by Comedy Central as seen below, yet an explicit scene involving G.W. Bush, Jesus and others defecating on the American flag was retained and aired)


Texas Parents Sue Governor, School District Over Moment of Silence (so the joke in the comic isn’t quite as far-fetched as you might think… Why aren’t any of these parents concerned about – or even aware of – all the other much more explicit sponsorings of a certain religion, as listed in all these links?)

U.S. State Dept Funded “No Jews Allowed” Program (US State Department provides funds for business meetings, but for Israelis only accepted applications from Israeli Arabs, which by default bars Israeli Jews. ACLU is nowhere to be heard, bias has to be pointed out by a lone employer.)

Washington Post, Other Newspapers Won’t Run ‘Opus’ Cartoon Mocking Radical Islam (newspapers won’t run Opus cartoons that reference radical Islam, yet ran the previous week’s Opus cartoon that mocks the late Jerry Falwell’s mainstream Christian beliefs. You can compare them through the thumbnail image links below.)


opus2007081130949 OpusRadicalIslam opus2007090116392

What Holidays in December Are Important? (it’s been happening bit by bit for a long time now, but finally it happens – a case where Christianity is discriminated against in favour of every other belief system. Can you still say that it’s a phenomena of multiculturalism, and not a focused atatck on the Christian heritage of America?)

Which of These is a crime in America? (see Politically Correct Bathroom Etiquette in America for a video presentation on this topic)

YouTube controversy over Atheist criticism of the Koran and Dhimmitude at YouTube, again (atheist Youtube user regularly posts anti-Christian videos with no problem, but once he starts posting eyebrow-raising verses directly from the Koran, he is banned and his videos removed. Videos can be seen thru the links.)

More Youtube bias: Another Conservative Blogger Banned By YouTube, just like Michelle Malkin was. Meanwhile, YouTube Deepens Commercial Relationship With Al Jazeera (which is clearly anti-West biased – as if the Western Mainstream Media weren’t bad enough already – and likely regularly pays terrorists money for terror attack and beheading videos which the terrorists use to kill more people and make more videos to sell, ad infinitum)

See the other posts in the Faith Under Fire category for other evidence of secular and liberal bullying of non-violent-reprisal-at-the-slightest-provocation Christians.

From Glenn McCoy:




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