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Satirical Interview with Saiful Bukhari

March 22, 12

Old but still amusing, and very telling. Tipped by hutchrun.

Excerpts of article by Dreamweaver;

XYZ: You mean you could just drop in to see the Deputy PM at his house to ask for a scholarship and get career guidance advice? How many people can do that?

Saiful: Anybody. Pak Najib is a very nice man. He is always ready to help. Anybody can knock on his door. Just try it if you don’t believe me.

XYZ: In fact we’ve been trying to get an interview with Datuk Seri Najib for the past 6 months.

XYZ: It was also reported that you met a senior police officer, Senior Assistant Commissioner Rodwan at room 619 of the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam before you made a report. … To be precise, you met SAC Rodwan on 25th June, a day before the alleged sodomy which was on the 26th June.

Saiful: So what? I know I was going to be sodomized again. I was just getting ready.

XYZ: So why didn’t you set a trap for Anwar with video recording and police bursting into the room to catch him red handed? I’m surprised a police officer didn’t advice you to set a trap.

XYZ: OK, let’s talk about the day you made the police report on the 28th of June. Why did it take you 2 days after the alleged act to make a report? Haven’t you already decided to report Anwar after meeting SAC Rodwan?

Saiful: Well, I was embarrassed and humiliated about going public. I was also traumatized by it so I thought it over for a couple of days.

XYZ: But you were smiling and waving to the press after your police report.

Saiful: That was just for the TV cameras. I wanted to look handsome.

XYZ: You also went to work the next day and attended a PKR function at Anwar’s house in the evening where Anwar was also present.

Like I said, this is an old topic, so my previous posts on this matter may be dated.

Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics

August 31, 11

A follow up to Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky.


Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky



Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Note: They subsequently changed the title as follows:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Free Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Text from the my original:


Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

May 21, 11

UPDATE 29 August 2011: A follow up letter to this has been published, Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics.


Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Free Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky



Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Text from the my original, with added links:

Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

Ordinary Malaysians are getting fed up of neverending sex allegations against Anwar Ibrahim. This strikes a chord with me – it reminds me of a parallel situation that has been unfolding in the USA over the past three years.

The Big Government article ‘MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her’ describes how the liberal-dominated mainstream media in America constantly shines a sickly spotlight on Sarah Palin.

The MSM parades, mocks and lambasts every minute detail that is even remotely connected to Palin, including the personal lives of her children.

The reason for this constant noise, according to the article, is that U.S. Democrats and their allies fear the impact she has on the political scene – even as they belittle her as wholly inconsequential and not worth a second thought.

After all, Palin turned Obama’s 2008 impending landslide against McCain into a mere majority of votes.

Until Palin, 45, burst onto the scene, Obama was headed for a Nixon/McGovern landslide. Palin may not have changed the election result, but she killed what otherwise would have been a rout… The biggest red flag proving her popularity with normal Americans is that liberals won’t shut up about her. The 2009 TIME 100, Heroes & Icons: Sarah Palin, TIME Magazine 30 April 2009

She has made Senators, Congresspersons and Governors out of underdogs by endorsing them in the 2010 U.S. elections.

Sarah Palin seems to have the magic touch when it comes to her endorsements. According to the NYT her record so far is 24-5 which is an amazing achievement… Her endorsement alone seems enough to get people to take a second look at candidates and reconsider their votes. So she’s building up a lot of good will and political IOUs – all of which would be very helpful for a 2012 run. Sarah Palin – Political Kingmaker, Ace of Spades HQ, 30 July 2010

The year of the “Mama Grizzlies”, Michelle Malkin, 8 July 2010

With just a Facebook posting criticizing Obama’s policies, she has gotten the U.S. President and Robert Gibbs leaping to respond – on national TV, no less.

His voice dripping with exasperation, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said to me one July afternoon in his office: “If I would have told you that I could open up a Facebook account or a Twitter account, simply post quotes, and have the White House asked about those, and to have the entire White House press corps focused on your quote of the day on Facebook — that’s Sarah Palin. She tweets one thing, and all of a sudden you’ve got a room full of people that want to know…” The New York Times, 17 Nov 2010

If you thought the exact opposite of Sarah Palin, then Congratulations! You’ve been dutifully following the MSM. According to them, Palin is just a retro-hairstyled bimbo who sees Russia from her house and thinks North and South Korea are the same. (Recently, some our own local MSM pundits have not been innocent of this either – you know who you are.)

And then there is Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate in 2008. Besides her retro hairdo and family issues, her main claim to stardom has been her self-proclaimed experience in foreign policy for supposedly being able to see Russia from her Alaskan backyard.

Unfortunately, the Korean peninsula seemed just a little out of reach. She could not tell the difference between North and South Korea.

She was roundly credited for helping candidate Barack Obama win the presidency. In hoping to run for the presidency herself, the Republican Party’s stab at the presidency could self-destruct upon her nomination.

Only re-election on Obama’s mind now by BUNN NAGARA, The Star 15 May 2011

Surround her with as much triviality as possible, and the American public will grow sick of even the mention of her name. They will think of her only as a joke. “Sarah Palin? That airhead? You can’t be serious!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about her.

This strikes me as exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim.

There are those who fear Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of Pakatan Rakyat – if not the de facto leader – even as they portray him as a sidelined, has-been, depraved lackey of America and Israel.

Surround him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public will grow sick of even the mention of his name. They will equate him only with dirty jokes. “Anwar Ibrahim? Maybe he can still win the next election if he suddenly comes from behind, ha ha ha! Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about him.

Just try this experiment out: Ask the next armchair pundit you meet if they know what Anwar Ibrahim’s economic, social and governance recommendations for the country are. The sex allegations have so permeated the atmosphere around Anwar that they have crowded out any serious discussion about him as a real political leader.

That is why sex videos featuring men who look nothing like Anwar are being bandied about. Who cares if no one is convinced it is really him caught on tape, as long as they keep talking about it and nothing else! Tomorrow another ‘whistleblowing insider’ could even release a sex tape featuring only women, and still claim it features Anwar Ibrahim!

The late community organizer Saul Alinsky is a major influence on Barack Obama’s philosophy. In Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals, Rule 12 describes how to delegitimize an opponent: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

[[Note: I left out the last line originally.]]

You tell me if this does not describe exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim now.

Malaysia has truly ‘matured’ politically if we are using underhanded tactics on par with the experienced Americans. Sadly, this is not something to be proud of.


Check out the comments at the sites. Apparently many of the commentors totally fail to see the irony of their bashing Sarah Palin based on what they read from the MSM, in the comments section of a letter explaining how the MSM’s coverage of Sarah Palin is misguided.

The Malaysiakini letter referred to in the Malaysiakini version is here. It was the final spur that got me to writing the letter. The first was a certain OMY who casually mentioned Sarah Palin (mixing her up with former Miss Universe’s goof), the second was the aforelinked Bunn Nagara hit piece.

UPDATE: And here Sarah sticks it back at the liberal MSM during her bus tour!

Anwar Ibrahim Arrested by Armed Balaclava Police

July 16, 08

On a tip from Anne and a link from wits0, via the BBC:

Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim arrested

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been arrested outside his home, his lawyer has said.

Mr Anwar was stopped by several police officers outside his home and taken to police headquarters.

His lawyer said no reason was given for the arrest, which came shortly before Mr Anwar was due to give a statement to police over sodomy allegations.

The former deputy prime minister denies the allegations, which he says are aimed at ending his political comeback.

Armed police

Mr Anwar has been has been in a tense stand-off with police since a former male aide accused him of sexual assault two weeks ago.

The 60 year-old opposition leader had always been due to report to police on Wednesday, to be interviewed over sodomy allegations.

But police decided not to wait. Mr Anwar was stopped outside the gates of his home on Wednesday morning, by armed police wearing balaclavas.

He was taken to police HQ in a large convoy.

His lawyer and his wife have been seen going into the building.

Mr Anwar’s arrest will be seen as provocative by Malaysian opposition groups.

When he was arrested on similar charges 10 years ago, his supporters staged large demonstrations.

A BBC correspondent in Kuala Lumpur, Robin Brant, says it is almost certain that the same thing will happen again now.

Armed and with balaclavas? Why, it sounds almost like they were…


…Refined gentlemen. Yup, that’s the accurate term for them!

Poster is #14 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters. Click for full size.

See how theblogosphere is responding to this event at I Am Malaysian.

Susan Loone reports: Anwar arrested at his home, hundreds gather to protest Anwar’s arrest (with lots of links to foreign news coverage):

Anwar Ibrahim was arrested on his way home after being questioned by the ACA on his report on the IGP and AG, and before he could even go for questioning at the Kuala Lumpur police station. Real foul play. A press statement from his office says:

As he entered the neighborhood of his home, a contingent of ten police cars, half unmarked and half patrol, forced the two cars in Anwar Ibrahim’s entourage to stop. There was a contingent of 20 balaklava-clad masked commandos (UTK) who accosted him, reminiscent of the forces sent to arrest Anwar Ibrahim at his home in September 1998.

An officer approached Anwar Ibrahim and demanded that he accompany the police in an unmarked vehicle to the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters. His lawyers were not permitted to travel with him to the police station.

And also by:

Related to these older posts:

Ahmad Shabery vs Anwar Ibrahim Debate on Oil & Economic Policies

July 16, 08

So there was this debate between Ahmad Shabery and Anwar Ibrahim over whose political party has the better approach to handling oil prices and profits. Shabery was literally foaming at the mouth with personal attacks on Anwar instead of making valid points about oil policy (though it’s probably due to lack of hydration).

Anyway, here’s some excerpts and commentary on the debate as told by The X Stories (full post at link):


Anwar argued the government could save RM2 billion from reducing electricity reserves, adding an additional RM3 billion to finance the 50-sen reduction can be sourced elsewhere. “Five billion is enough to help lighten the burden on the rakyat. The Perwaja bailout was RM13 billion of government money.”

Correct, correct, correct …One man and one of his many ‘DEVELOPMENTs’ already cost us $13B, what is a pittance $5B for 25M Rakyat lah.

Ahmad Shabery argued that “if we continue at RM1.92, it means the government is forced to bear the subsidy of RM50 billion and this means many development programmes, building of schools, roads and improving people’s livelihood cannot be implemented.”


History suggests any savings ($50B in this case) will be wasted on nonsensical projects eg Perwaja and go into the pocket of the Pendatang’s Son (UMNOPutra) via many styles and formats eg. the infamous 10%!

Ahmad Shabery “the late Tun Razak (the then Prime Minister) set up Petronas in a pressured situation because the world outside pressured us not to take away the rights given to Shell at that time. Shell was set up by the British before they left,

Bullsh*t lah.

Shell is NOT even British to begin with … It’s just how you Son of the Pendatang thought Songkok is Malay, they’re all Holland, Belanda, Ducth.
FYI, the Anglo, sorry, British one is called BP.

Anyway, what’s there to stop you from kicking Shell out when you have kicked out all other Bristish entities eg. Guthrie etc? Under pressure? Who can pressure Looters other than Pirates? Tiu, just say you need their expertise lah.or the ‘growth’ of the pocket of the Pendatang’s Son (UMNOPutra). That’s the holy truth lah .. Kanineh, I want my Fat Boy!

The information minister also explained that subsidies could not be sustained for a long time because it would hamper real economic growth.

Cock & Bull story lah. Just say any subsidies will affect the fat inflow into or the ‘growth’ of the pocket of the Pendatang’s Son (UMNOPutra). That’s the holy truth lah .. Kanineh, I want my Fat Boy!

Ahmad Shabery was asked about the RM4.3 billion savings from an earlier fuel price increase in 2006 that was meant to be used to improve public transport but only RM834 million was used for that purpose, leading people to be cynical about the purported RM13 billion in savings in the latest subsidy cut.

Oops! Smelly bum exposed?

“We’re an oil-producing country and for every US$1 increase per barrel, we make RM360 million. Why can’t we do something good with this?” Anwar thundered.

Aiyah, don’t be so direct lah. Anything made by Petronas belongs to the pocket of the Pendatang’s Son (UMNOPutra) lah. You forgot how Prof. M just grabbed $2-3B out of the Petronas piggy bank, kononnya to save aNational Crisis called Kumpulan Kapal M kah?

Ahmad Shabery argued that Malaysia was not even in the top 20 oil-producing countries list, let alone a major player.

What has not being the top 20 gotta to do with GASAK$$$? This must be a new Law of Nature, gotta spam Einstein an email.

“When Ahmad Shabery pointed out that Anwar too was responsible for problems pertaining to the IPPs which are still reaping profits despite the current economic situation as he was a Cabinet minister then, the former finance minister demanded a check of record to prove that he had opposed the IPP plans approved by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

Ha, ha, ha … No comment cos’ it’s supposed to be Hilarious.

Towards the end of the debate, Ahmad Shabery repeated his argument that Anwar was still a rabble rouser and that during Anwar’s time in the government blah blah blah …

Supposed to talk about oil, he talked about Dildo instead. If you talk about nut, goo or soil at least got some relationship lah … And this Prof. Cheeky is the best the UMNO can produce? God bless Malaysia.

Looks like the Pendatng’s Sons are far from ready to engage in any proper debate. May I suggest you guys use ‘commenting’ system such as the one avail on my crappy blog to do it (with no restriction on time lapse) instead.





Above mockery from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

See also and this post about how someone made Malaysia’ economy 1/2 that of Singapore, Taiwan or South Korea, and this one about how money is still being used to water the gardens of one of the pet projects.

On a tip from wits0, Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored has a collection of viewer feedback.

Below are the Youtubes I’ve found so far of the debate. I haven’t vetted them yet, so at your own discretion…


Anwar Accused of New Sodomy News Links Collection

June 29, 08

Anwar Ibrahim is accused of sodomy yet again!

Current baseless, yet intriguing theories: This is a ploy to shift the spotlight away from Najib and wife Rosmah; this is immediate reprisal for the alleged instigation by Anwar of the SAPP chief to call for no confidence in Badawi; or as Khairy conjectures, it’s all just a ploy by Anwar to get the public on Anwar’s side.


See very popular post Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations for the whole list.

UPDATE 1 JULY 2008: Anwar strikes back with police report against former IGP beating him up during the 1998 sodomy case! 

Also, Anwar says he has alibi to prove he did not sodomise young man.

The accuser and alleged victim in this case is revealed in photos to have posed with BN Cabinet Ministers, including an aide to Najib’s office.

Someone taking a play from the MAHATHIR playbook?


Above is #24 from from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Recall: Saya Zalim Anwar Video: Dr. Mahathir Admits Arresting Anwar Ibrahim Without Cause?

Anyway, this is a media circus! The rundown of coverage from…


Malaysia Today:

Blogs (tons out there):


Um, yeah… Real helpful there.
Above is from Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations and ia also Poster #40 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

Newspaper Banned After Publishing Frontpage Coverage of Anwar Ibrahim Black 14 Rally

April 17, 08


Above from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters.

UPDATE 25 April 2008: Permit has been renewed.

Just in case you thought anything really changed about Barisan Nasional after their walloping at the hands of displeased voters during the General Election 2008…

From Malaysiakini English (subscription required to view full):

Tamil daily Makkal Osai banned

The Home Ministry today rejected the renewal of Tamil daily Makkal Osai’s publication permit, a move believed to be related to the widespread coverage given to the opposition.

  • GM: No reasons given
  • To file appeal tomorrow


Translated from Malaysiakini BM:

(Header and first four paragraphs translated to English by me):

‘Voice of the people’ newspaper banned

The Home Ministry has banned popular newspaper Makkal Osai after it gave frontpage coverage to the rally for PKR’ advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently.

Today (photo below), the Tamil newspaper gave coverage to the police investigation of PKR President Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and two of its leaders regarding the rally.

Previously, the paper published long articles regarding the party, including the former Deputy Prime Minister, and Opposition activities.

The influential daily newspaper faced difficulties in renewing its permit (Printing Presses and Publications Act) since October last year.


Original article in Malay:

Akhbar ‘suara rakyat’ diharamkan
Apr 16, 08 4:48pm
Kementerian Dalam Negeri mengharamkan akhbar popular Makkal Osai selepas memberikan liputan muka depan perhimpunan penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kelmarin.Hari ini (foto bawah), akhbar berbahasa Tamil tersebut turut memuatkan liputan siasatan polis terhadap presiden PKR Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail dan dua lagi pemimpin kanannya susulan perhimpunan itu.makkal ossai anwar ibrahim black 14 160408Sebelum ini ia memuatkan artikel-artikel panjang tentang parti itu, termasuk bekas timbalan perdana menteri itu, dan gerakan pembangkang.Akhbar harian berpengaruh itu menghadapi masalah memperbaharui permit sejak Oktober tahun lepas. Ia bagaimanapun terus beroperasi dengan harapan permit penerbitan tahunannya akan diperbaharui selepas pilihanraya umum 8 Mac, seperti nasib sebuah harian berbahasa Cina, Oriental Daily.Pengurus besar Makkal Osai S M Periasamy mengesahkan kementerian telah mengeluarkan surat hari ini yang menyebut permohonannya “tidak akan dipertimbangkan.”Surat itu tidak menyatakan sebarang sebab pengharaman tersebut.Pemilik akhbar itu – yang dikaitkan dengan bekas pemimpin kanan MIC Datuk S Subramaniam – telah memohon permit baru sejak Julai, kira-kira tiga bulan sebelum tarikhnya tamat.

Sementara itu Oriental Daily masih tidak diperbaharui sejak permitnya tamat Disember lalu. Ia beroperasi sepanjang pilihanraya umum lalu dengan garis panduan khas dengan harapan lesen itu diperbaharui.
Difahamkan akhbar Cina itu tidak mempunyai halangan untuk mendapat sambungan permit walaupun setakat ini tiada surat rasmi dikeluarkan.

Akhbar Tamil itu memberikan liputan meluas pada Makkal Sakthi (kuasa rakyat) selepas demonstrasi besar 25 November yang digerakkan Barisan Bertindak Hak-hak Hindu (Hindraf).

uthayakumar new look taiping hospital 090408Sumber-sumber dalam syarikat media itu memberitahu, Kementerian Dalam Negeri juga tidak senang dengan penyiaran muka depan foto tokoh Hindraf dan peguam P Uthayakumar – kini ditahan bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) di kem Kamunting, Taiping – di hospital daerah itu minggu lepas.

Harian terbaru itu, diterbitkan mulai 2005, menyertai dua lagi akhbar  untuk etnik India, Tamil Nesan dan Malaysia Nanban.

“Kami akan memohon rayuan esok,” kata Periasamy.

Makkal Osai, yang berpejabat di Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, menggajikan kira-kira 100 kakitangan.
Nasib mereka belum jelas akibat pengharaman ini.
Makkal Osai atau “suara rakyat” – diterbitkan sebagai tabloid mingguan sejak 1990 selepas Tamil Osai tidak lagi beroperasi – diedarkan sebanyak 52,000 naskhah sehari.


UPDATE at Malaysian Joe reveals that apparently, Makkal Osai was banned because it wasn’t ‘sensitive’ enough to race and religion. YA RITE!!!

Keep on at it, BN. You’ll get totally trounced come the next election. The world has changed since you last dismissed that oddity called alternative media.

Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

March 26, 08

LATEST UPDATE: 11 Nov 2008


Updated with new ones as they are created.

Created by yours truly. (Blog address added to posters on Kean’s prompting.)

Click to view and save full versions. Images and free for forwarding, use on blogs/sites and other reproduction. Show your friends. Spread them around.

Kudos to Macam Macam Ada and kchan for linkage.


1) Correct – Wikipedia on Lingam Tape, Youtube video search


2) Chinese Blood – Police Warn Against Race Baiting in 2008 General Election (Like That’s Gonna Stop UMNO)


3) Street Protest – Penang: Massive Illegal UMNO Street Mob Protests Anti-NEP


4) Malayan Union – Najib Tun Razak Says Street Demonstrations Such As Bersih Rally Not Part of Malaysian Culture, Conveniently Forgets Malayan Union Protests


5) Insulting Royalty – Sultans, Politics and MBs – Another Giant Kayu Balak in UMNO’s Eye


6) Police Restraint – 2007 Bersih Rally – Super Cover Up Job by Government and Mainstream Media (with link to video evidence)


7) BN Selangor – Barisan Nasional Selangor Shredding Documents Photos


8.) Irrelevance – Wikipedia on Malaysian Parliamentary seats 2008


9) Happy 72nd Birthday – Wikipedia on Sammy Vellu


10) National Hero – Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?, Malaysian Astronaut Cosmonaut Angkasawan and joking reference to Captain America


11) National Car – 70% tariff on imports and Wikipedia on Malaysia’s killer car tariffs, duties and taxes


12) Let Comatose Tigers Lie – PROTON loses top spot to PERODUA, EPF ownership of shares and Billions poured into PROTON


13) Your Oil Money – Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?, Sarawak gets only 5% royalty from its petroleum and 1970 Sabah richest state, today poorest state


(The above is an animated gif. If it does not animate, click to view it by itself.)

14) Dialogue – Youtube Video Warning For Namewee (Negarakuku)


15) House of Worship – Bobjots: Orang Asli Church Demolishment


16) Do Not Disturb – Bumiputera Malaysia: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sleeps when Malaysia is not OK


17) I Has A Nap – Bumiputera Malaysia: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sleeps when Malaysia is not OK and based on this lol:




18.) Dialogue 2 – Megaton Punch! UMNO Supporters Punch Guangming Daily Press Photographer


19) Keris Hero – Police Warn Against Race Baiting in 2008 General Election (Like That’s Gonna Stop UMNO) and Guitar Hero video game


20) My Pokémons – Lee Jeok: Malaysian Cabinet 2008 Chart and based on this lol:




21) Officer On Duty – Lim Kit Siang on crime rate increase during Badawi’s four years and Bumiputera Malaysia: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sleeps when Malaysia is not OK


22) Khalwat Alert – Perak Religious Department to Continue Raids on Hotels, and made more relevant by Beware: Khalwat for you, too


23) Our Next PM? – Badawi names Najib as his successor. If so, please kill me before I kill myself or his policies kill the nation. This guy…


24) M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R 1 – Mahathir asks Badawi to resign recently, and long history at Sean the Man: Mahathir vs Abdullah Badawi


25) M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R 2 – Saya Zalim Anwar Video: Dr. Mahathir Admits Arresting Anwar Ibrahim Without Cause? and based on joke from Seventh Rangers (Mechanized). (Boy, he sure doesn’t like his Deputy PMs eh?)


26) Khairys Angels – Wikipedia on Khairy Jamaluddin and Mat Rempit, MageP’s Lab: Mat Cemerlang’s clubs and Malaysiakini: Putera Umno’s glorification of Mat Rempit ludicrous. Title is a play on Hells Angels.


27) Not News – Haris Ibrahim has a concise summary of the blinders the MSM wears. 20,000 rallying at Anwar Ibrahim’s return to politics, and all the Government Enslaved Media (GEM) can focus on is the police response to it. But can’t really blame them, because if anyone dares cover it properly, they get their newspaper banned.


28.) National Service – IAmMalaysian on NS deaths which gets some info from Wikipedia, and NS doesn’t fulfill its main purpose of building unity.


29) Ketuanan Cina – See the titular post Ketuanan Cina and Ketuanan Melayu. Compare with Posters 2 and 19. The Chinese supremacist featured is Lu Bu.


30) Khairy Jamaluddin – See his blog here. Ironic because he called bloggers – you guessed it! – monkeys! See here and here for details. Excellent monkey pic from National Geographic.


31) Public Enemy #1 – Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail


32) Last Words –Latest Malaysian National Service Death, 9 May 2008. See also Poster #28 and its references.


33) May 13, 1969 – This one was a gift to Jed Yoong after she expressed her initial disbelief that a certain newspaper editor could trivialize May 13 as catching dragonflies. See A Day of Infamy That’s So Infamous, No One Knows What Happened Actually for facts.


34) 22 Is Less Than 5 – See Dr M Quits UMNO, Blames Badawi For 22 Years of Mahathirism


35) 22 < 5 – Same as above, only using mathematical symbols.


36) Temptresses – Mockery of claims made in School Uniform Causes Rape: Malaysian Pervert Group Leers at Underage Schoolgirls, Assumes Every Other Male is Just as Deviant


37) Preventing Rape – Refresh your memory at Veiling the Uncovered Meat


38) African Bumiputra – Although the Chinese in South Africa have one sixth the history as Chinese in Malaysia, they beat us to it. See Even Chinese in South Africa Considered ‘African Bumiputera’


39) Rape Deterrence – See the titular post Rape Deterrence’. Be sure to compare with Poster 36 and 37 above.


40) Whodunit? – See Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations and the major news shakeup of Anwar Accused of New Sodomy.

(The above has occassional problems loading. Click it to view it by itself.)

41) Our Next PM? Statement – See major shocker Anwar: Najib Had Sex With Altantuya, Had Her Murdered To Shut Her Up!!!!

42) Our Next PM? C4 – Same as preceding.


43) Whodunit? 2 – See P. Balasubramaniam Retracts Statutory Declaration: Najib Didn’t Have Sex With Altantuya!

Class Motiv

44) Class – Yeah, observe their high moral standards at Susan Loone – UMNO’s pornographic acts during nomination day.


45) DRaMa – Here we go again… Drama-laaah, Dr M! Mahathir Now Thinking of Rejoining UMNO

Monty Python Malaysian Motivational Poster

46) Monty Python – The Sun, Sin Chew Daily, Suara Keadilan Issued Show Cause Letters For ‘Sensitive Issues’

Ahmad Ismail Pendatang

Ahmad Ismail Pendatang

47) & 48) Pendatang – Pendatang (that is, Datuk Ahmad Ismail)

Tan Choon Heng ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Teresa Kok ISA

Lim Kit Siang ISA

Karpal Singh ISA

49) to 53) I Survived (Teresa Kok version) – They Survived ISA Detention! which has versions with the names of the survivors (Tan Choon Heng, Teresa Kok, Lim kit Siang, Kapral Singh)

Silence Him RPK Poster

54) Silence Him – Free Raja Petra Kamarudin Tribute Poster

Utusan Malaysia Teresa Kok

55) Utusan Malaysia – Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru

RPK Raja Petra Kamarudin ISA

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Khalid Abu Bakar deny video evidence Negaraku Bersih arrests


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Saya Zalim Anwar Video: Dr. Mahathir Admits Arresting Anwar Ibrahim Without Cause?

March 4, 08



Dr. M admitting before an audience that he had Anwar Ibrahim arrested all those years back without any basis???!! 

Is this for real? It looks genuine. Could it just be a lookalike, soundalike actor?

Or is it really Dr. M, just being dryly sarcastic? He does seem super selamba (very nonchalant) about admitting it… As if it were a non-issue that bears no consequences for him. The audience laughs at the mention of throwing Anwar into detention.


UPDATE 5 March 2008: Dr. M claims that the video clip is a distortion and taken out of context, though he does not explain what he means by that, or how the context nullifies the ‘Saya Zalim Anwar’ statement. Perhaps he was performing a stand-up routine?

From The Star 5 March 2008:




So I am now officially an Opposition website for blogging about it and providing links to the video. Lol! 

Don’t look for Dr. M to apologize for anything… As he says later on in the clip, he has never apologized to Badawi! And it’s standard practice for UMNO race insulters to never apologize.

So far only The Star has anything on this. Why isn’t Malaysiakini covering it? Free subscription for 7 days, by the way! Try it now!


Video of Mahathir Zalim Anwar at TV Ceramah, also at Youtube here or Youtube search, or short version embedded below:

Screen captures from video, showing the time where he makes his admissions. English translation in italics after each pic. 

Mahathir: I Was Unjust (Did Wrong) to Anwar


Police become a tool of the government.


I too abused power back in my time…


See Dato’ Seri Anwar, what happened to him?


I arrested (caught), I put him in detention (captivity).


Everyone saw it right? I arrested (caught) Dato’ Seri Anwar… Put him in detention (captivity).


Not because he did anything… Nothing, nothing at all…


Not because there was any wrongdoing by Dato’ Seri Anwar. Not at all…


Therefore, it was an unjust/wrong act.

He also has some words about Abdullah Badawi, Khairy and Malaysia’s 2008 General Elections – and says to cheers from the crowd that he has never apologized to Badawi.


A pretty jolly crowd throughout the latter part of the speech, obviously in agreement with Dr. M.


Above lol is Poster #24 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Ah well… Let bygones be bygones? Well, Anwar says…

NO WAY!!!!!!!

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