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NST Letters: Al Gore Lied About Drowning Polar Bears

April 5, 08

Here’s a newspaper letter from long ago.

I delayed putting it up until now because, for the first time ever since I started blogging about my submissions, this letter appears only in the print edition and not in the online edition!

So here is a scan of the NST print version and the text iof my original letter. (My first posting using the new style WordPress Admin, which I am NOT enjoying. Had to resort to pure html-age to get my picture in and sized.)

Remember: Environmentalists in general, global warming scare-mongers in particular and Al Gore especially have a vested interest in NOT TELLING YOU THE SCIENTIFIC TRUTH.


From NST Letters sometime around 21 Feb 2008:


When pictures don’t reflect the truth

Since the start of the year, cold and snowstorms have been sweeping around the world, in apparent defiance of the warnings about global warming.
Arctic ice levels have increased back to their early 2007 levels, meaning there has been no net melting.
This should bring cheer to the hearts of environmentalists everywhere, as the cute and cuddly polar bears will no longer be endangered by global warming melting their Arctic ice!
But wait… Something is wrong. The polar bears seem to be struggling to find food!
As the ice spreads, the bears are forced to wander in search of food – including scrounging in human garbage, as locals of the Greenland town of Sisimiut were shocked to discover recently.
And six hungry, aggressive polar bears are not safe animals for children to be around, regardless of how cute and cuddly they may look. One animal was shot on February the 1st.
How could this be happening, when global warming pundits insist that more ice is beneficial to polar bears, while melting ice will doom them to extinction? I mean, hasn’t everyone seen the photos of polar bears struggling for dear life on the melting ice?
In actual fact, the infamous photo of two polar bears ‘stranded on ice, their very survival threatened by global warming’, which is so often used to stir the emotions of readers, shows nothing of the sort.
The photographer who captured this moment was marine biologist Amanda Byrd. In 2004, she saw the two polar bears playing on the on ice, and decided to take a picture – in her own words, more for the  wind-sculpted ice than the bears.
Readers can view the photo at Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project website, where they will see Byrd’s innocuous caption for the photo: “Mother polar bear and cub on interesting ice sculpture carved by waves.”
Byrd uploaded her photos to her ship’s computer, where another member took it and passed it to the government department, Environment Canada.
From there, various groups adopted it as a symbol of the dire threat that polar bears face from global warming – incuding Al Gore, who told audiences: “Their habitat is melting. Beautiful animals, literally being forced off the planet.”
This amounts to sheer ignorance, if not outright dishonesty, as polar bear numbers have greatly increased from 5,000 in the year 1940 to over 25,000 today.
In fact, a lawsuit is currently brewing over the unauthorized usage of the polar bears photo. Denis Simard, the Environment Canada representative who distributed the photo explains on behalf of Byrd:
“…have to keep in mind that the bears aren’t in danger at all. It was, if you will, their playground for 15 minutes. You know what I mean? This is a perfect picture for climate change, in a way, because you have the impression they are in the middle of the ocean and they are going to die with a coke in their hands. But they were not that far from the coast, and it was possible for them to swim.”
And that is the truth about the not poor, not stranded, not endangered polar bears.
The practical lesson to be learnt here? Good intentions cannot substitute for informed decision-making.
If polar bears suffer – not benefit – from increased cold and ice, how accurate are the other predictions, claims and advice of global warming activists who get so hysterical over a 0.1 degree increase in temperature?





  • Byrd’s photo with original caption:








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