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Photos of Brutally Murdered Victims of the Southern Thailand Pattani Insurgency

September 28, 07

The Myanmar protests against raised oil prices continue on. At this time, the latest update is that government soldiers have responded with violent and fatal retaliation (just like one expect from a Communist dictatorship).

Michelle Malkin has a collection of updates, including on the shot dead Japanese reporter Kenji Nagai. Video of that, small photos.

But that’s not what this post is mainly about. It just serves as a stark contrast and a reminder of another ongoing protest marred by violence in South East Asia.

Religious followers in Myanmar protest the government’s policies that they disagree with by holding peace marches. The government army responds with a violent crackdown, which is met with non-violence and utter pacifism.

Meanwhile, religious followers in Southern Thailand protest the government’s policies that they disagree with by launching a brutal campaign of terror, extortion, torture, murder and mutilation. The government army responds with both retribution and reconciliation, which is met with even more, ever-escalating violence.

We in Malaysia occasionally read/hear about the troubles in Pattani in our local mainstream news. A schoolteacher maimed here, a few soldiers killed there, a couple of monks and a mosque preacher murdered…

But it is so different when you actually see what the Pattani ‘insurgents’ actually do to their victims. There is a very good reason why such people are called ‘terrorists’ – their methods are intentionally designed to cause as much fear, horror and panic as possible.

Anyone who does not support or comply with the terrorists is brutally murdered – perhaps tortured first, and the body hatefully disfigured after death. Through such intimidation, the local populace are cowed into submission – whether or not they agree with the goals and secession demands of the terror-mongers.

School teachers, pacifist Buddhist monks, local ulamas, mothers going to the market – it doesn;t matter who the victims are to these monsters. Their lust for evil and power far overwhelm their shallow facade and excuse of religious righteousness and government unfairness.

The Pattani rebels are nothing more than the usual gangsters, criminals and serial murderers. Nothing justifies their hateful, sadistic, despicable actions. They would likely kill their own families in their depravity. And then gleefully record their evil on their handphones.

Below follow several photos of the South Thailand insurgency terrorism victims. Be warned, although I have censored the most gory parts, they are still very extreme.

Scroll down to view the horrors perpatrated just beyond our very borders. How long before they export this barbaric madness to Malaysia, such a short hop away?

The following photos are sourced from The uncensored versions and more photos can be found there. The photos were apparently sent in by a Malaysian – perhaps a news team member, which would explain how he/she got the photos that we consumers never see.

Zombietime is much respected as a truthful source by bloggers worldwide. I mention and reference his journalistic efforts several times in my own blog, in All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us, Flat Fatima will Make Your News Stories Become The Truth!, and especially Malaysiakini: Are US News Agencies Biased Against Palestine?.

But if you think the Pattani murderers are horrifying and filled with the blackest of all evil… Then you haven’t seen The Jawa Report’s photos of a young Taliban child dressed in battle gear cutting off someone’s head.

Just the same as what was done to Nick Berg and Jack Hensley and Shosei Koda and Kenneth Bigley and Paul Marshall Johnson Jr and Seif Adnan Kanaan and Eugene Armstrong and Kim Sun-il and Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca, Theo van Gogh, and of course, Daniel Pearl.






A beheaded motorcyclist. A threatening warning note was found on the body, you can see it and the translation at Zombietime.


The removed head left near the body. Gruesome…


A soldier after the terrorists had their way with him. I forget, which is the merciless, inhuman organization of oppression again? The Thai government?


Brutalized dead body, probably of a monk, found in a house in a very unnatural position.


A tiny censor box to blot out the gore from a victim left on the train tracks to be run over… But that doesn’t stop you from realizing “Oh **** where’s the rest of the body?!”


Worst of the lot – the viciously defiled body of a monk, so gory and heartless that basically the entire photo had to be censored to post it on my blog.

Again, go to for the uncensored versions and a few other pics. And again, if you think the above is really bad, you need to see the uncensored photo proof at The Jawa Report of jihadis leading a young boy to hack off a victim’s head.

There has to be a stronger word of condemnation for such than EVIL.

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