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Five Carbon Dioxide & Global Warming Questions

November 7, 08

Do you believe that human-produced carbon dioxide is the major cause of global warming that is purportedly threatening the entire planet?

If so, why?

Try and answer these five questions regarding manmade carbon emissions and climate change:

1) Carbon dioxide accounts for only 0.0383% of the entire atmosphere, and the top-20 carbon emitting nations add only 0.00034147% more in one year. How does that miniscule amount of additional carbon dioxide affect the entire global temperature?

2) It is postulated that carbon dioxide contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing a certain, narrow wavelength of radiation that is emanating from the Earth into space. The band is so narrow, that it is already mostly covered by other gases – such as water vapour (i.e. clouds). (See page 13 of this PDF or the first graph at here.) So once this tiny band is fully accounted for by carbon dioxide that is already present, how does adding more carbon dioxide affect anything when there is no more radiation of that wavelength to absorb?

3) If carbon dioxide causes temperatures to rise, then why is that in thousands of years worth of data on temperature and carbon dioxide levels, temperature rises first and carbon dioxide levels follow 800 years LATER?

4) If carbon dioxide causes temperatures to rise, then why did we see cooling during the post World War II industrial boom when carbon emissions rose sharply, and also in these past 10 years when carbon emissions have been increasing?

America cooling 2 years

Above from Gateway Pundit: As Planet Cools– Obama Warms to Hiring Goracle As Climate Czar

5) If human-released carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming and climate change, then what caused the temperature fluctuations for the thousands and millions of years before humans came into existence? (Let alone the mere few decades of the industrial era.)


6) In your opinion, do temperature-measuring instruments such as below report accurate results when they show massive temperature rise that leads to the conclusion that ‘global warming is happening’?


7) If energy use creates carbon dioxide emissions, which really cause so much global warming, and it is such a great threat to the survival of humanity… Then do you agree that Al Gore should be the first to stop using 20 times the energy as… I’m sorry, 22 times the energy as everyone else?

Go ahead and ask your global warming believing friends too. See if they can justify their belief that global warming is really caused primarily by manmade carbon dioxide emissions, or are just parroting what they see on TV or blogs without any attempt to double-check the information.

Or if they can’t, then ask them what evidence there is that global warming doomsday predictions are NOT just yet another large-scale environmental fad/scam/hoax/hysteria.

It’s amazing how little of the actual numbers, facts and science behind the global warming panic people really know.

Read also this piece by a liberal writer who agrees on many of the same points I’ve raised.

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