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Ann Coulter at CPAC 2011

February 14, 11

Via Gateway Pundit, from Freedom’s Lighthouse:

And my selection of the most snarky and piercing quotes:

From her speech:

But you know, if they wanna get rid of overbearing, out of touch despots… Could we start with Janet Napolitano?

Mubarak supports US policy, used his army to fight Islamic terrorists, and he recognized Israel’s right to exist. Or as liberals call it: Three strike and you’re out.

In some pro-Ahmadinejad districts the voting was over 100%… Oh no, wait, I’m sorry – I was thinking of Al Franken’s election in Minnesota.

But Egyptians take to the streets and start decapitating mummies, and Obama says “We hear your voices.” He hears their voices? He couldn’t even hear our voices and we were protesting on the streets on Washington D.C.!

For 50 years, Democrats have harbored traitors, hobnobbed with America’s enemies, attacked America’s allies, lost wars, lost continents to Communism… As Joe McCarthy put it, if they were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that at least some of their decisions served the interests of the United States.

Under mean, divisive George Bush, a nuclear sub was named after Jimmy Carter – the USS Jimmy Carter. It’s a good sub, but there were some problems – its periscope works only in hindsight, life rafts are subject to hyperinflation, and whenever it’s in a US port it immediately attacks the United States.

For the young people in the audience, now you know why when people compare Obama to Jimmy Carter, it’s not a compliment.

[Obama] got into office and immediately turned over our healthcare to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, those interminable lines at the DMV, imagine you’re standing in one of the lines but this time you’re in one of those hospital gowns that’s open in the back – that’s Obamacare!

Obama says the price of health insurance will come down if only it’s mandatory. It’s like the guy has never ordered food from a hotel before. When you have no choice, does the price go up or down?

And now Republicans are gonna have to repeal national healthcare just so we can find out what’s not in it.

I love this argument that we need a ‘path to citizenship’. Path to citizenship – we have a path to citizenship, it’s called legal immigration.

But the strangest thing was seeing Obama not on a golf course. Everytime I look up the guy’s on a golf course – it’s like he’s trying to get his handicap down below his approval numbers.


From her question and answer session (which has more serious discussion than her for-amusement speech):

Q: What is more important though to American values – being friends with Israel still, or knowing that there are jailed dissidents and journalists?
A: ……….What do you mean, knowing that there are journalists? I think there should be MORE jailed journalists! [Said with a completely straight face!]

Ann: That’s why you need an observant electorate – very bad for the Democrats, very good for the Republicans.

Ann: Don’t be like a politician and take a poll and then decide what your position is – the truth is inherently appealing.

Q: Who is your least favourite Democrat?
A: Oh boy! That’s like asking my least favourite disease!

Ann: And by the way, congratulations liberals, you just about destroyed the black family with these brilliant promotions of single motherhood policies.

Ann: I was always friend of the gays… Then liberals come with this idea no one’s thought of for a thousand years – gay marriage. And I go to sleep one night being friend of the gays, I wake up the next day [a] homophobe! No! You can’t do that – you just made up this gay marriage thing.

Ann: [Gay marriage] has nothing to do with [liberals] liking gays – they don’t mind their little pals the Islamic terrorists dropping walls on gays. No, only to use gays as a cat’s paw to attack the family. Because liberals want the family destroyed, they want religion destroyed, because then you have loyalty directly to the state.

Ann: God is saying to gays what He said to Abraham – give up something you love for Me. That’s a tough cross to bear and I admire gays who do it.

Ann: The left is trying to co-opt gays and I don’t think we should let them. They should be on our side – we’re for low taxes, we’re against crime, we’re against the terrorists who wanna kill gays. Gays are natural conservatives.

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