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KOMAS Voter Education Videos and RM5000 Film Script Competition

February 22, 08

KOMAS (Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat) has a series of videos on Voter Education. Check them out below.

Kebebasan Media


Hapuskan politik wang

Freedom of assembly

Abolish Phantom Voters

Also: Competition: Stand to win RM5000 for a script about democracy in Malaysia 

And remember to check if you are really registered to vote, and where: Check Your Malaysian Voter Registration

Check Your Malaysian Voter Registration

November 27, 07


Check your voter registration and area at

Check who your candidates are at

Due to cases like:

Go to and input the Mykad numbers.

And more!

Bersih 3.0

Bersih 3.0


Are you registered to vote? Check it out at


Voting in the upcoming general elections is the best way to influence change in this country for the better – not Bersih rallies or HINDRAF rallies (despite how impressive they may be and how over-reactionarily the government responds).

So if you don’t like how the current administration has handled things, is handling things, and plans to handles things in the future – vote them out of power.

The Barisan Nasional powers-that-be know that they’re privileged position is precarious. They even ask us not to vote for the Opposition even if we’re unhappy with the ruling party.

Do you need any more reason to get registered and get out and vote than a quote like that?

PS. Check who your candidates are at

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