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Newgrounds: Fantastic 4 Doomsday

April 10, 08

Introduced to me by Ryan ‘Red Mage’ Sosa of Nuklear Power/8-bit Theatre.

Watch a video lol of various alternate versions of uber best supervillian EVER, Dr. Doom at this Newgrounds link as they join forces to defeat the ever-thorn-in-the-flesh Reed Richards!

Screenshots excerpts below:


Earth-616 (mainstream Marvel storyline) Doctor Doom fresh from Mephisto’s realm… Ready for revenge!


From left to right: Movie Doom, Silver Age Doom, Doom 2099, and Ultimate Doom.


The Fantastic Four! (Earth 616 versions)


Much mixed-up madness ensues.

PS. Why is Doom the greatest villian EVER?

Because he is Doom. At here and here.


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