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Barack Obama’s Bitter Remark Editorial Cartoons

April 16, 08


LAST UPDATED: 21 May 2008

Cartoons added as I find them. Check back once in a while for new ones.

You may also enjoy Jeremiah Wright, Hillary Clinton, Iraq surrender, Al Gore’s Nobel Prize and global warming cartoon collections.

Kudos to Moonbattery, Koderas and Carolyn at LGF for the linkage.

See Michelle Malkin: Snob-ama disses pro-gun, religious, anti-illegal immigration activists in Penn. or Moonbattery: O’Bigot: Sorry You’re Too Stupid to Get It for details.

Ann Coulter has some analysis of Democrat elitism here. Townhall has a scrutinization of Obama’s views being coloured by his own ‘bitter’ experiences.

See also Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Racist Pastor Editorial Cartoons for more related mockery.

Click link below the sample cartoons for all cartoons at full size.




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