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Info Video: How the Democrats Caused the US Economic Crisis

September 27, 08

A well researched, very informative and fast paced video collecting facts from various reputable sources, showing how the Democrats – including Barack Obama – caused today’s US economic crisis while receiving wads of cash… And how Bush and McCain tried to prevent it from happening, but were blocked by the Dems. It’s a whole lot of information in just 10 minutes.

See also Which Candidate Do Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Donate Most To? for many more links and videos showing how Obama and the Democrats caused the entire United States of America to suffer for their own blind greed.

From Moonbattery, the video Burning Down the House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis:

(Head direct to that link to view.)

Some excerpts:

Democrats Obama caused US Economic Crisis

Democrats Obama caused US Economic Crisis

Democrats Obama caused US Economic Crisis


Which Candidate Do Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Donate Most To?

September 21, 08

So, which candidate are housing crunch boondoggles Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hoping will bail them out of their troubles, using the hard-earned money of responsible house-owners and tax payers?

At first glance, it seems that McCain is the one benefiting most from Fannie & Freddie donations. On a tip from commentor Heavenly, from The New York Times:

Fannie Mae Freddie Mac 2008 Campaign Donations

As Heavenly summarizes:

2008 Campaign Contributions from Fannie & Freddie
John McCain- $169,000
Barack Obama- $16,000

Why, that two faced old sneak! Maverick nuthin’!

Ah, but wait… This is the New York Slimes we’re talking about. So let’s take a look further back where we will find, on a tip from commentor Ayoyosamy, from

Fannie Mae Freddie Mac 20 Years Donations

As Ayoyosamy points out:

The top three U.S. senators getting big Fannie and Freddie political bucks were Democrats and No. 2 is Sen. Barack Obama.

Now remember, he’s only been in the Senate four years, but he still managed to grab the No. 2 spot ahead of John Kerry — decades in the Senate — and Chris Dodd, who is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Um, I’m a bit confused as to what he actually means, but this much is clear: In 20 years history of donations, Senator Barack Hussein Obama with just 4 years in the Senate managed to reach the top three biggest recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!!!

Now, that’s Change! For the worse!

The Fannie & Freddie directors are just trying to even out their contributions between Obama and McCain in this last lap.

And via Moonbattery, a video of Fannie Mae’s CEO back then thanking the Democrats (and specifically Obama’s Congressional Black Caucus) as ‘family’:

Even rightly puts blame on Dems for housing crisis!


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