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Turkish Lawyer Wants UEFA to Cancel Inter Milan Win Because Uniforms Have Red Cross

December 13, 07

This post is partly a tribute to Melissa‘s devoted blogging on all things soccer.


Anyone with an ounce of worldly wisdom can see straight through the following Turkish huckster’s ploy: He just wants to cancel Inter Milan’s win over the kaki bangku (total noob) Fenerbahce team.


From :


Fenerbahce To Ask Uefa For Three Points From Inter Match
A Turkish lawyer has filed a complaint to Uefa after Inter wore a shirt with an offensive symbol, at least to Islamic culture, in their recent match against Fenerbahce.

A Turkish lawyer who’s an expert on European law, Baris Kaska, is asking Uefa to cancel the three points Inter earned in their win against Fenerbahce in the recent Champions League match.

The Nerazzurri had beaten the Turkish champions 3-0 at home to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

The reason for the appeal is unusual: the celebratory shirt for Inter’s centenary worn by the team that night, and on several other occasions this season, offended many people in Turkey.

The shirt’s scheme saw a big red cross on a white background, a symbol of the city of Milan, and reminded many of an emblem of the order of the Templars, which is considered offensive in Islamic culture.

Inter consciously did not wear their ‘centenary shirt’ in their first match against Fenerbahce in Istanbul, but at home, they did not think it was necessary to do the same.

However, the very sensitive Turkish media reacted bitterly and that led to the official appeal filed by Kaska, who announced this decision during an interview to Barcelona daily La Vanguardia.


From Times UK:

   SoccerCrossShirtComplaint2   SoccerCrossShirtComplaint3

Muslim lawyer sues over Inter Milan ‘Crusaders’ kit

A Turkish lawyer is taking legal action against Inter Milan, the Italian football team, for wearing a strip with “Crusader-style” red crosses that he alleges is ”offensive to Muslim sensibilities”.

Baris Kaska, a lawyer in Izmir who specialises in European law, said that he had lodged a complaint in a local court against Inter Milan, which last month played the Istanbul team Fenerbahce in a Champions League match at the San Siro stadium in Milan. The Inter players wore a new strip – a white shirt with a giant red cross on it – marking the club’s centenary.

Mr Kaska said he was not only seeking damages but was also appealing to Uefa to annul the match, which Inter won 3-0. “That cross only brings one thing to mind – the symbol of the Templar Knights,” he said. “It made me think immediately of the bloody days of the past. While I was watching the game I felt profound grief in my soul.” Mr Kaska told the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that the cross symbolised “Western racist superiority over Islam”.

He said that Inter had “manifested in the most explicit manner the superiority of one religion over another”. He said the court had contacted both Uefa and Fifa to convey his demand that Inter should be “heavily fined for displaying an offensive symbol”. “How could Uefa allow this?“demanded the Turkish paper Radikal.

Inter Milan officials said that they were “astounded”. They said that in the first match between the two teams in September at Istanbul – which Fenerbahce won 1-0 – Inter had deliberately refrained from wearing the strip with the red cross but had felt entitled to use it on its home ground.

Inter officials also pointed out that a red cross on a white background is the symbol of the city of Milan. Many Italian football clubs incorporated the cross on their shirts, including Inter, founded in Milan in 1908. “The red cross has become an international political football,” Corriere della Sera commented.

Uefa’s mission is to “promote the principles of unity and solidarity” in Europe through football, “without discrimination on grounds of gender, religion or race.” However, Inter officials said Uefa had approved the new Inter strip at the start of the season, and the Turkish club had also accepted it before last month’s game.

La Repubblica said it was unclear whether Mr Kaska was “more wounded by the supposed offence or by the goals Inter scored”.


As for the red cross giving Mr. Kokroach… Sorry, Mr. Kaska fits because it brings to mind ‘Templars/Crusaders’ and ‘Western racist superiority over Islam’, then by the same principle all Muslim nations must be sued to have the crescent removed from their flags because it brings to mind the ‘islamic fascist superiority over non-Muslims of:
The slaughter of the Qurayza Jews after they had been convinced to surrender peacefully

The Syrian Arab attacks on Sicily despite no provocation

The Umayyad conquest of Spain for no valid reason

The Granada massacre of 1500 Jewish families

The entire span of the Muslim conquests and forced conversion of Christian and Jewish lands in the Middle East, Africa and Europe

All of the above preceded the so-called ‘unprovoked aggression’ of the Crusades – which shockingly were restricted to reconquering territories that had formerly been Christian.

See full list at Christianity vs Islam – Who Started This Whole Mess?.

The only Western superiority in this case is over his country’s football team. Go sulk in a corner, emo tantrum lawyer.

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