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Indonesia: Murdering and Beheading Three Christian Schoolgirls Gets Just 19 Years Jail

December 5, 07

Ambush four innocent young schoolgirls while they are walking to school.

Kill three of them aged 15, 16 and 17 and wound a 15-year old who escapes.

Behead the schoolgirls before or after you brutally murder them.

Leave the heads near a police station and a church.

Feel astoundingly proud of your contribution to the struggle of your faith.

Get sentenced to ONLY 19, 14 and 10 years in prison respectively.

When released, most likely crow unrepentantly and prepare for more ‘brave warrior’ massacring of defenceless girls.

After all, the victims were only Christian.

Asia News IT: Light sentence for terrorists who beheaded three Christians

Wikipedia: Gereja Kristen Sulawesi Tengah

Pictures of the beheaded girls – WARNING, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE VIA LINKS. Edited for general viewers below.


Uncensored graphic pic 1


Uncensored graphic pic 2


Meanwhile, be executed by firing squad for allegedly leading riots that led to murders, after a trial that is riddled with discrepancies.

After all, the accused are Catholics – no further consideration is required.

Wikipedia: Fabianus Tibo

Inter Press Service: DEATH PENALTY: Legal Uncertainties Cloud Indonesian Case

BBC: Indonesia flashpoints: Sulawesi

BBC: Executions spark Indonesia unrest

You think up your own conclusion from the above two verdicts.

And you thought Malaysia was brimming with religious discrimination?

Hat tip to The Jawa Report

Also recall the ongoing murders, beheading and mutilation in Pattani, Southern Thailand.

UPDATE 13 APRIL 2010: Another case of beheading 3 Christian girls has the murderer shot by police and his accomplices arrested.

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