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Hitwise Search Data Shows Interest in Global Warming Falling

October 18, 07

…Even though Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace Bribe Prize. And despite his past Oscar and Emmy, his film An Inconvenient 11 Mistakes Truth , and his mega-concerts under the Live Pollution Earth title, and his various talks.

And also despite the Green-sane crowd trumpeting that everyone on the plant ackowledges and cares about global warming climate change being the laetst enviro-fad a dire threat to Mother Earth.

Then again, those are the same bunch constantly claiming that there is a scientific conspiracy consensus on the factuality of global warming. So of course, reality is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Lie-berals claim it is.

So no surprise when it turns out that people don’t really care about a passing hysteria that will demand they change their comfy lifestyles.

Is It Getting Warmer? has an idea that the drop in searches correlates to the summer break, when students have more pressing, crucial, life-or-death things to worry about… Like double dating.


Excerpted from full article at The Global Warming Learning Curve:


Interest in global warming spiked at the beginning of this year, rising to three times its normal level on Feb. 1, 2007, coinciding with Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

But since then, the volume of searches on “global warming” have dropped off precipitously to the lowest levels in the last year save for a brief recovery in advance of the actual award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore last week.

How we search for global warming is even more telling. In the last four weeks, Hitwise captured 1,427 different searches that contained the phrase “global warming.”

By analyzing the top 100 searches, 92 of the top 100 terms were general or educational in nature, with the top terms including: “global warming,” “about global warming,” “al gore global warming,” and “articles on global warming.”

Of the top 100 terms only four terms gave a sense of positive action: “global warming prevention,” “how to prevent global warming,” “ways to prevent global warming,” and “global warming solutions.”

The other four terms rounding out the top hundred included the skeptical queries such as “global warming myth,” “global warming hoax,” “benefits of global warming,” and searches for the skeptic’s video answer to An Inconvenient Truth: “the great global warming swindle.”

The most surprising fact is the absence of global warming discussion in the political category. 

Over the last four weeks there were over 21,000 search terms sending traffic to the politics category. Political issues continue to play an integral role in search with terms such as “jena 6,” “abortion,” “death penalty,” and “Iraq casualties” all appearing in the top 20 terms.

The first global warming term appears in the 477th position, “global warming myth.”

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