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Rachel Carson – Environmentalist Queen of Green Genocide

October 19, 07


Rachel Carson I wonder how she must feel these days – in the afterlife or limbo or reincarnated or nonexistence or whatever – knowing that her hysterically screaming campaign begun by Silent Spring to stop the use of DDT has succeeded.

Succeeded in murdering more than 50 million people, that is.

Most of them children. Poor, Third World villagers. Oh well, rich eco-celebrities can’t spare all those five minutes for you wretches!

All for the sake of Mother Gaia and her little bald eagle chicks.

Who weren’t actually threatened by the completely harmless, people-can-eat-a-teaspoon-a-day-for-two-years-straight-and-be-completely-unaffected-healthwise substance in the first place.

But it’s the life-hating thought that counts, mommy!

Environmentalists must be so proud. They are. Their heroine’s propaganda material and their own efforts managed to kill more people than Hitler and Stalin combined.

The Green having long ago bested the Red’s murder of innocents high score, they now turn their attention to the biggest achievement of all: eradicating all humans on the planet.

The Global Warming Cult of Reducing Economic Growth and Propagating Poverty can’t hurt their efforts to beat the all-time world record for Causing Human Suffering.

Rachel Carson… I wonder how she must feel these days.

PS. If I gave any vibes of blaming Rachel Carson for actually going around and actively killing Third World babies, I apologize. It is the Green-sane enviro-cultists who are to blame for taking her reasonable intentions on DDT and ramming it through the courts into a full-blown ban and demonization.

UPDATE: Rachel Corrie proven wrong by decades of observation. Via AoSHQ.

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