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Is Palin Disliked or Popular Among Conservatives?

November 12, 08

UPDATE 28 JULY 2010 Insanely popular! She leads the pack by far for Republican nominee 2012:

Palin popular among Conservatives

UPDATE 18 FEB 2010: Wildly popular at Daytona 500!

UPDATE 20 NOV 09: She’s still wildly popular! At her book signing in liberal Detroit, 1500 waited through the freezing cold night to meet her… With perhaps 10,000 in Michigan! 4000 waited in rain at Fort Bragg!

300,000 books sold on first day!

And her favorables back up to 47-42!

Which makes her more popular now than the negative ratings President Obama!

No wonder her appearance on Oprah was the highest rated Oprah show in 2 years, even higher than Obama at his peak popularity!

She raised $45,000 for the Red Cross in one day!

5000 greet her at the University of Ozarks!

UPDATE 24 OCT 09: She’s still wildly popular!

After endorsing Doug Hoffman on her Facebook, he received $116,000 in a single day!


Various commentors/trolls on my blog have been saying that Sarah Palin was a drag on McCain’s campaign, being much disliked and viewed as ignorant and shallow by Conservative voters.

Yet it seems that the only ones who are saying such things are liberals who support Obama. Exactly what would they know about whether their ideological polar opposites like Palin or not?

Methinks that the ones who really dislike Palin are the same liberals who secretly fretted that this out-of-nowhere populist bombshell might actually outshine and outperform their precious empty-suit Obamessiah!

Whereas for Conservatives who were apathetic about John McCain’s weak-spined centrism and reluctance to go all out against Obama, Palin was a breath of right-wing, fundamentalist Christian, true-blooded Neocon air!

To wit, What liberals dislike = What Conservatives like. Therefore, the very fact that liberal trolls are going around telling everyone how the Right rejected Palin is excellent circumstantial evidence that the exact opposite is true.

Let the record show:


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