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First World or Third World? Look at Who Uses Violence During Protests

November 28, 07

How do you tell whether a country is First World / Developed or Third World / Developing?

One way is by looking at the relationship between citizen protestors and the government controlled forces.

In a Third World country, no matter how peaceful and orderly the protestors may be, the government can respond with sudden and shocking violence. The government brutally abuses the citizenry.

A few cases in point:

Bersih Rally

HINDRAF protests

Burmese anti-government protests

Post with a list of details and links of raging, screaming riots over perceived insults

Whereas is a First World country, no matter how violent and unruly the protestors may be, the government must respond with restraint and even self-sacrificial, self-defeating concessions. The citizenry brutally abuses the government.

A few cases in point:

Paris riots year after year (by Michelle Malkin)
2007: Flambée de violence: “Youths” now shooting at police; “This is war. There is no mercy. We want at least two policemen dead.”
2007: Is Paris burning again?
2006: Muslim mayhem in Marseille

Western Amsterdam riots: After a youth is shot while attacking policewomen with a knife, civilians start rioting, burning dozens of cars including right in front of the police station. And the police do… NOTHING.

Gateway Pundit: Rioting Continues in Western Amsterdam
Klein Verzet: Suicide Attack in Amsterdam (long running updated commetary onunfolding events)

Olympia ‘anti-war’ protests
Sedition in Olympia: Anti-war mom drops baby human shield as anarchist kiddie shields watch
Seditious outrage in Olympia: Protesters block trucks, pour concrete on train tracks to stop military shipments
(Then again… Lolz!)

Anti-WTO protestors turn violent

Yeesh! The more I read, the more it feels like Iraq is the safest, most orderly place to be

This post is as much an indictment of the culture of violence in First World citizens as it is a criticism of Third World governments. Neither is an acceptable form of discourse in my book.

As judged by the who-uses-violence criteria, Malaysia is still firmly Third World mentality although surrounded by (occasional and rather concentrated only in a few places) First World standard infrastructure.

But despite my disgust at the despotic use of violence and the threat of violence against the citizenry by the government, I hope that Malaysia never develops into a First World nation where the citizens can run amok and cause even worse destruction.

He Can Do But I Cannot Do… How Come One???

November 27, 07

Oi, Malaysian gahmen! Can please explain to me why like this one?

How come when have street demonstration for fair elections it is ‘not our culture’, but when have street demonstration against Malayan Union it is important cultural and historical heritage?

How come when want to have gathering at British High Commission to make noise about British policy must arrest us for sedition, but when have gathering to burn flag at American embassy to make noise about American policy you can allow?

How come when we write blogs about real things we are called lying femalesunemployed good-for-nothings, karaoke singers, goblok, and monkeys, but gahmen bigshots can quote fake blogs in International Court of Justice?

How come when South Africa got apartheid Mahathir make big complaint and helped to end it, but when his daughter say Malaysia system is like apartheid he keep quiet and continue it? (Don’t forget us also Marina, not just Muslim women discriminated!)

How come when Barisan bigshots make jokes about woman’s monthly leakage everybody laugh, but when Opposition small potato asks Barisan guy not to be rude everybody scold?

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