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Alexandersarchive = Commentor Theism and Sock Puppetry?

April 26, 08

Okay, how many people place money on the fact that this blogger Alexander the Great ( is actually the commentor theism, who also created a new blog called theism just to cover his sock-puppetry tracks?

Note that the first link above leads to a blog post that focuses on the exact two of my posts that commentor theism trolls at (this post on incest and this post on Palestinians).


What are the odds of that? Not only that, somehow Alexander manages to title his post ‘Stealing For God’ which would require linking two disparate and unconnected posts (one about matters of religion, and one about Middle East politics that doesn’t even mention God)… Just as theism did in the comments.

And how did he know about theism’s blog, when theism never even left his blog address on the comments he made at my posts?

Not to mention that the new blog ‘theism’ has only one recent, incoherent posting at the time of this comment, which makes it incredibly unlikely that Alexander the Great came across it through Google search:


So at the very least, the two of them are closely affiliated.

At the worst, they are one and the same person – which means that Alexander the Not-so-great has engaged in immoral sock puppetry by using multiple aliases while pretending (and even intentionally greatly attempting to convince others) that they are not all him.

But look closer at the only person in the YOONIVARSE who notices that such a new and content-less blog as theism’s even exists, on the very day that its existence came into being:


They’re practically married and under the sheets in the hotel room! Ewwwww!

Therefore, after reviewing the circumstantial evidence as summarized below:

  1. Alexander posts on the same two topics theism was prodding me about (and not any other of my plentiful insulting/antagonistic posts),
  2. Alexander cites a ‘new blog’ by theism that has only one odd post and no other content,
  3. The new post at theism is posted only one day before Alexander’s post bashing me,
  4. The new post does not even mention my two posts that commentor theism made his remarks on, yet Alexander can manage to pick up just those two of my posts,
  5. Alexander managed to find said theism blog despite its being newborn and having no content (even though I couldn’t because theism never posted his blog address in his comments on my blog), and
  6. Alexander is the only commentor on theism’s single post, on the very day theism creates that post,

I conjecture that Alexander intentionally created the theism blog in order to ‘legitimately’ attack me in his blog on the exact same items that commentor theism has been attacking me on.

Oh my, am I stealing Alexander/theim’s copyright on blog contents now? Well, Fair Use Doctrine specifically states that

[A] reviewer may fairly cite largely from the original work, if his design be really and truly to use the passages for the purposes of fair and reasonable criticism.

And I am SO using screenshots of his/her/its/their blog(s) in order to criticize them.


MORE EVIDENCE!! UPDATE 28 APRIL 2008: By comparing the times on the comments, an amazing factoid is uncovered.

Observe the timestamps on the Alexander’s and my comments at alexandersarchive:


I left that comment there this morning, which to me is the 28th of April 2008. I also left the following comment on my own blog at around the same time I commented at Alexander’s:


By comparing the timestamps (8.16 am on Monday versus 4.33pm on Sunday), you can deduce that my blog’s timestamps are 16 hours ahead of Alexander’s (28 Apr 0813 hours minus 27 Apr 1633 hours).

Now look at the time when commentor theism remarked on my blog recently:


27 Apr 1410 hours on my blog, which minusing the 16 hour difference, would be about 26 Apr 2210 hours (that is, 10 pm) on Alexander’s blog.

So let’s look at those comments on Alexander’s blog again:


Oh, what a coincidence! Alexander and commentor theism just happen to come online and respond to my comments on the respective blogs at almost exactly the same time!

Not only that, Alexander comments to me: FAIL, Scott, fail.  Which just happens to be what I had said to commentor theism (not Alexander!) at here and here.

Amazing coincidence. If I were religious, I’d claim it as a miracle of God. A GOD MIRAKUL!!!!1one!

Okay, sacrcastic snarkiness aside…


He Can Do But I Cannot Do… How Come One???

November 27, 07

Oi, Malaysian gahmen! Can please explain to me why like this one?

How come when have street demonstration for fair elections it is ‘not our culture’, but when have street demonstration against Malayan Union it is important cultural and historical heritage?

How come when want to have gathering at British High Commission to make noise about British policy must arrest us for sedition, but when have gathering to burn flag at American embassy to make noise about American policy you can allow?

How come when we write blogs about real things we are called lying femalesunemployed good-for-nothings, karaoke singers, goblok, and monkeys, but gahmen bigshots can quote fake blogs in International Court of Justice?

How come when South Africa got apartheid Mahathir make big complaint and helped to end it, but when his daughter say Malaysia system is like apartheid he keep quiet and continue it? (Don’t forget us also Marina, not just Muslim women discriminated!)

How come when Barisan bigshots make jokes about woman’s monthly leakage everybody laugh, but when Opposition small potato asks Barisan guy not to be rude everybody scold?

Al Gore: High Commander of War & Peace Hypocrisy

October 24, 07

BONUS: All the rest of the Dumb-ocrat party doing the Hillary-two-step on the case for intervention in Iraq!

Today’s post can be nicely introduced with two editorial cartoons from two of my favourite web artists.

First, a long-ago cartoon from The Ryskind Sketchbook:


Gore in the first panel above is referring, of course, to the Invasion of Iraq that begun by George Bush (Junior) in 2003. Which is going splendidly, btw.

Secondly, a more recent one from newcomer Red Planet Cartoons:


Shock and awe horror! Does this mean that Gore is being a two-faced, forked-tongue, stance-fudging hypocritical liar?

Can’t be… It’s just a cartoon, right? Just more examples of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.



Video evidence at Hot Air!!!

Click the above link, I tell you!

From the same link to Hot Air, some excerpts:


Get Al Gore on camera to explain his transformation from reasonable hawk to hard left anti-war screecher.

The year is 1992. Sen. Al Gore had been picked up by Gov. Bill Clinton as his running mate for the White House.

In that campaign, he delivered the following speech to the Center for National Policy on September 29, 1992. The point of the speech was to dent Bush(Senior)’s unrivalled foreign policy credentials by making him look weak in the face of threats. [Bush Senior being the current US President’s George Dubya Bush’s dad]

The thesis of the Gore speech: Reagan-Bush(Sr.) had looked the other way and let Saddam Hussein become a terroristic menace and a WMD developer. They had ignored Saddam’s many operational ties to terrorists over the years so they could maintain relations with him and offset the threat from the mullahs in Iran. Reagan-Bush(Sr.) and then Bush(Sr.) on his own had shown weakness in the face of the threat from Saddam’s Iraq, a weakness that was not offset even by the 1991 Gulf War victory.

Gore’s speech was intended to make an issue of Republican weakness in the face of terrorism, and in the face of Saddam’s hard and verified connections to terrorism in particular.

Just so we’re clear on this, the 1992 version of Gore accused Bush(Sr.) of lying by minimizing the threat that Saddam posed to the US and the world. The current version of Gore accuses Bush(Jr.) of lying by overstating the threat that Saddam posed to the US and the world.

This Al “he played on our fearrrrs” Gore we’re talking about. This is the same man who, in February 2002, promoted a “final reckoning” with Iraq only to turn against that same reckoning on the eve of its launch.

This is the same Al Gore, 1992 and 2007, only…totally different. He’s grown into his own bizarro doppelganger as political sands have shifted from Democrats positioning themselves as credible hawks to isolationist doves.

This is, in short, Al Gore: a craven opportunist who will say whatever he deems to be the most useful thing for the political moment, without regard to truth or principle or consequences, other than one — that the consequences include making Gore relevant. That’s the one principle that he obviously cares about a great deal.


So how is this relevant to global warming at all? It should be quite clear, very clear indeed.

Al Gore has been shown to lie, change his stated views, and manipulate the audience for his own personal gain with the terrorism threat and the Iraq situation.

This being shown to be his standard of ethics and habitual behaviour, what does it show of his current ‘factual and altruistic’ claims about how global warming is caused by humans and will doom the Earth and the only way to save oruselves is by subscribing to his carbon emissions reduction plan?

Particularly when he has proven to be a huge energy-and-emissions hypocrite, knowingly included huge scientific lies in his global warming propaganda film, and seems to be using the entire global-warming-scare/Kyoto Protocol/carbon-cap-and-trade/carbon-offsets gig as a Follow scam to make him money through his own company.

And judging from the above about-face (from wildly fearmongering about Saddam to wildly blaming Bush for fearmongering about Saddam), fifteen years down the road will Gore suddenly shift the blame for global warming paranoia and the Kyoto Bankrupt-Us-All onto the next Republican President?

And thus, Al Gore’s Youtube-exposed antics are yet another reason not to trust him, his propaganda film and the entire global warming confidence scam.

See also the following posts for more corroborative evidence of Gore’s lie-beral mentality:

Al Gore: High Priest of Global Warming Hypocrisy (massive energy use and emissions while telling everyone else to cut down for the sake of the Earth)

Official British Court Finds 11 Inaccuracies in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Labels It As Political Propaganda (Al Gore’s global warming propaganda film judged to contain at least 9 serious intentional misrepresentations of the truth ‘scientific errors’)

Follow the Clues: Is Al Gore’s Promotion of Global Warming Hysteria Merely A Scam to Make Him Money? (follow the step-by-step clues that point to Al Gore’s global warming campaign being merely a worldwide scam to make him richer and influential again)

Ground Based Temperature Recording Stations: Stupid Locations For Measuring Global Warming (witness through photos how the ‘respected’ scientific community that believes in global warming runs their ‘neutral and objective’ experiments)

Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies (examples of how the liberal-controlled media regularly bends, twists, distorts and buries the truth to suit the liberal agenda – even if innocent people end up hurt or killed. This is the same liberal media that fanatically supports global warming paranoia by reporting only news that supports the fearmonger’s theories.)

The IPCC Does Not Want Balanced Climate Reporting (the foremost brainwasher for global warming reveals how much the liberal media is in bed with it)

More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed (the real situation in Iraq today, no matter what the afore-mentioned lie-beral media may choose too omit)

Will the Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up? (examples of a Gore-style stand-fudging by a front-running Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2008 Presidency – the wife of Bill Clinton, the ex-President whom Al Gore was Vice President to)

Global Warming Editorial Cartoons (collection of 100+ cartoons on global warming lies and manipulation, with plenty of explanations and links)

Al Gore 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Editorial Cartoons (collection of cartoons, facts and links about Al Gore’s entirely partisan-political win – which was decided by a mere five liberal politicos)

Global Warming Editorial Cartoons

April 20, 07

CURRENT NUMBER OF CARTOONS: 216+ links to more

LAST UPDATE: 8 May 2008


*NOTE ON SAVING IMAGES: If you save the images and they turn out as bmp format, you can change them to jpg or gif by changing the extension name in Windows, or open them using Microsoft Paint and save as jpg or gif.*

*Or just Save this entire web page. This will save all the cartoons into a single folder on your PC in one shot.*

Note: To make it easier to load the cartoons, I’ve split them into separate posts. This is Part 1.

Part 2 here

Part 3 here


I love editorial and political cartoons, and I hate lies, hoaxes and fear-mongering. So you can probably guess that editorial cartoons mocking global warming and its hypocritical supporters are a particular favourite of mine!

I’ve chosen some of the better ones to share with you, along with a brief explanation of what irt alludes to… Both so you can get the joke more easily if you’re stuck, and to reveal how the anthropogenic (human caused) global warming bandwagon has a few flat tyres. Editorial cartoons manage to do this humorously and to the point!

These cartoons are taken from, Michael Ramirez of Investor’s Business Daily, The Ryskind Sketchbook, Cox and Forkum, Day by Day, Gary Varvel of the Indianapolis Star, Paul Nowak, Wayne Stayskal, Chuck Assay, Chip Bok, Henry Payne, Red Planet Cartoons, zombietime and The People’s Cube.

A whole bunch of pro- and anti-global warming cartoons can be found at Cartoonist Group, including lots of Gore-zilla and rich actors and their I-Can-Buy-Expensive-Carbon-Offsets emissions, but they’re save-protected and I don’t want to print-screen them out.

For the facts and my rants on global warming fears, foolishness and hypocrisy, see my Global Warming Fears category.

And now, the cartoons… Explanations follow relevant cartoons.




Live Earth is the latest Gore-ian scam to round up support for stopping global warming… Complete with smarmy, holier-than-thou preachy guilt tripping, arrogantly self-assured, don’t think just obey, boy-do-we-love-ourselves localised media assault.


At the expense of global warming, as tonnes of emissions are spewed into the air by the concert and jet- setting celebrities. See here for more.

But no worries, Mother Earth! Because although tons of CO2 is spewed into the atmosphere, they won’t cause any harm once Live Earth organizers and participants purchase some carbon credit offsets! But of course, tons of trash left behind

Speaking of carbon offsets…

Above by John Worr.

Above from


Reference for above at New York Times.

See also my post on carbon offsets, Follow the Clues: Is Al Gore’s Promotion of Global Warming Hysteria Merely A Scam to Make Him Money?.

Because for all his scamming, Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize! Wonder why Charles Ponzi didn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts too?

See Al Gore 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Editorial Cartoons for a just the cartoons on his Nobel Peace Prize, and links to educate you on the true nature of this incredulous incredible win.

THIS is the person who truly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: Irena Sendler.

Court ruling here if you missed it.


The People’s Cube has Al Gore’s acceptance speech!

Oh well, can’t win ’em all Gorey! Guess you aren’t the biggest threat to capitalism and American freedom just yet!

Based on this piece: Satire: Gore Sues Time for ‘Person of the Year’ Recount.

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

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