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Ultimate Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch: Incest is The Next Liberal Sexual Revolution

May 13, 08

From the pages of The Ultimates, the Sex, Lies, & DVD story arc:



Consensual Incest – Atheists Please Tell Me Why It Is Morally Wrong

March 28, 08

WARNING: The following post contains very mature content. Parental discretion is advised (which is ironic considering what I am about to say).

Atheists, liberals, sexual progressives such as LGBT groups, and anyone else who disregards religion… Please answer the following query.

Why is incest – sexual acts between closely related family members – illegal?

Why do people recoil in disgust at the mere thought of it – even liberals and atheists?

What basis is there for moral relativists, who reject all traditional and religious taboos, to feel that incest is wrong?

You may try and quote that incest is akin to rape by one’s closest, most trusted loved ones – but what about consensual sex?

You may try and quote the emotional immaturity of the participants – but what if they are both adults?

You may try and quote the imbalance of authority and influence between a parent and a child – but what if it is between two siblings of almost equal age?

You may try and quote the risk of genetic defects – but scientific research has shown that incestuous reproduction between first cousins has a genetic defect rate of around 1.7 to 2.8% extra – as low as that of an ordinary 40-year old woman having children. Are you going to ban middle-aged women from getting pregnant too?

And they could be two brothers or two sisters anyway, which precludes any incestuous pregnancy.

So I’ll ask again – what basis do atheists, liberals and moral relativists have for the intolerance, bigotry and Dark Ages mentality they show when they denounce full blown, incestuous, unprotected anal intercourse between two adult brothers as ‘gross’?

If you cannot give a satisfactory answer, then why is consensual incest still unlawful if acts such as homosexuality or even bestiality are now legal?

Why do you still cling to old-fashioned, outdated, archaic laws – which more progressive and tolerant groups are even now seeking to abolish?

What basis do you have for acting and thinking like such prudish, sexually intolerant fascists – like those religious bigots who think homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes?

Or do you admit that, deep down inside where you don’t dare look, you are influenced by irrational and illogical religion-based taboos against incest?

After all, these upstanding progressives don’t have a problem with it.

I await your answer, especially from my favourite atheist commentors. You know who you are.


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UPDATE: Switzerland debates legalizing incest! So why are US liberals being such anti-love bigots when it comes to private decisions between two consenting adults behind closed doors?

UPDATE: Here you can see citations where people think sex between father and adult, consenting daughter is okay. What do you say?

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