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Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Negative 26!!!

June 22, 09

Is there no end to how unpopular Hopey Changey can get???

Info from Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll which updates as new data arrives.


UPDATE 24 AUGUST 2011: New all time low of Negative 26!!!


UPDATE 22 AUGUST 2011: All time low of Negative 23!!!


UPDATE 12 APRIL 2011: A new record, only 19% Strongly Approve of him for an overall rating of negative 20.


UPDATE 11 AUGUST 2010: He’s finally broken his old record since December ’09 of Negative 21!

Is it the disastrous economy? The spiralling unemployment? The inept non-response to the Gulf spill? The insane attacks on Arizona? The constant golfing and holidaying in the midst of recession?

Oh wait, no… It must be just because Americans are racists. Yeah, that totally explains it.

Meanwhile, not only do Dems not want Obama ‘helping’ them for the upcoming elections, some are even bashing him to win support among voters!

Via AoSHQ:

Voters say that they will be put off a candidate if Obama endorses them!

Even the maligned Bush polls 6 points higher than Obama in Dem-held districts!

Obamacare is incredibly toxic to independent voters, and not one of the 279 Dems who voted for it are featuring their support for it in their ads!

By Michael Ramirez:


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