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Scott Breaks 3000 Hits A Day Thanks to Two Popular Ladies (And Some Despair)

May 10, 08

My blog has finally broken the 3000 Hits A Day mark, just barely, thanks to linkage from two influential female bloggers.


The first is one of the most visited and influential blogs in Malaysia, our very own Susan Loone whose blog recently broke 2 million hits. She deemed my Motivational Poster tribute and support of arrested editor/blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin to feature it on her site.

The second is one of the most visited and influential Conservative blogs in the world, America’s Michelle Malkin. By linking to her new post about Jeremiah Wright mocking puzzles, a trackback to my Jeremiah Wright the Racist Cartoons appeared on her page and netted me 187 hits – a mere particle of the hits she gets daily!



From stumbling upon my blog, these readers then proceeded to click around a bit here and there… Thus further increasing my hits. If you” notice, no one posts actually has that many hits on its own… It’s the collective clicks on my 877 published posts that add up to 3000 hits, The Long Tail effect.

Before this, my Hits A Day was hovering around the lower and upper 2000s. The gracious visits from the two popular and lovely ladies was enough to get me over that psychologically meaningful hurdle.


Apart from the above-mentioned two posts, a lot of people searched for keywords that led them to my display of Demotivators – humorous posters sold by a company.


In the end, hits for that post exceeded the other two… Oh well, lol!

And that, dear readers, is my blog – straddling the 10,000 miles from Malaysia to America, with lots of snarky humour in between. Thank you!

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