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Second Amendment in Southern Thailand

April 19, 12

Tipped by hutchrun, excerpt:

Thailand’s Buddhists Take Up Arms Against Insurgency

A deadly Thai insurgency has Buddhists scrambling for guns.

…a deadly insurgency is terrorizing Thailand’s south. The separatist movement, made up of mostly ethnic-Malay Muslims, roils the region with daily threats of sectarian violence and has prompted many Buddhist villagers, and even some monks, to take up arms in self-defense.

“First Muslim people came to our village and asked to buy our land,” says Suphorn Nison, a soft-spoken Buddhist in his mid-40s. “But they became less diplomatic when Buddhist people declined to leave.” The following month, Nison says, two men entered a convenience store operated by Nison’s father and executed him with two shots to his head. Nison claims the gunmen were Muslim and intended to send a stern message. Most Buddhists in his village left, but those who stayed, including Nison, formed a neighborhood-security force.

That was in 2006. Today such community-defense units are ubiquitous in Thailand’s south. Nison carries a revolver with him at all times. Many other Buddhists have also armed themselves, including a demure 38-year-old teacher, an acquaintance of Nison’s, who prefers a light Glock .22.

HuaHui, a long-bearded villager, exemplifies the kind of self-appointed power that the militia system offers Buddhists. At the entrance to his restaurant, he sits behind a makeshift bunker, holding an M-15 assault rifle. He keeps a cache of weapons on hand, along with special bullets designed to overcome “the voodoo of insurgents.” He’s been the target of drive-by shootings and bomb attacks more than a dozen times, he says. In the latest incident, “a month ago gunfire struck guests.” HuaHui sometimes patrols his district in a pickup truck, paying visits to friends—both Muslim and Buddhist—and making his presence felt to those he suspects of being on the “wrong side.” He visited a group of Chor Ror Bor in a nearby village who said the hordes of Army and police are not enough to secure the area. Later that evening, cars passing along the entry road to the village were struck by IEDs and gunfire.

And here’s what happens when people don’t have ways to protect themselves, from older posts The Wolves of Pattani, Southern Thailand and Photos of Brutally Murdered Victims of the Southern Thailand Pattani Insurgency:


A beheaded motorcyclist. A threatening warning note was found on the body, you can see it and the translation at Zombietime.


The removed head left near the body. Gruesome…


A soldier after the terrorists had their way with him. I forget, which is the merciless, inhuman organization of oppression again? The Thai government?


Brutalized dead body, probably of a monk, found in a house in a very unnatural position.


A tiny censor box to blot out the gore from a victim left on the train tracks to be run over… But that doesn’t stop you from realizing “Oh **** where’s the rest of the body?!”


Worst of the lot – the viciously defiled body of a monk, so gory and heartless that basically the entire photo had to be censored to post it on my blog.

The above photos are sourced from The uncensored versions and more photos can be found there.

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How to Make a Hamas Hero Spoof Video

February 13, 09

Lol! Via The Jawa Report, uber mockery of Hamas and like-minded jihadi movements, using actual jihadi footage and voices:


On a more serious note: Without the grafted-on sarcastic overtones, see just how hate-filled, deluded and deranged the people in the videos are. They sincerely believe that it is their divine duty to kill everyone who doesn’t submit to their way of thinking, including YOU and ME.

Hamas sucks for its hate and violence and so does its violence-using ‘peace’ supporters worldwide.

The Wolves of Pattani, Southern Thailand

May 13, 08

From Red Planet Cartoons:

Bangkok Post: Red Cross Fair Bombed, Attacks in Southern Thailand Increase

Narathiwat – Militants launched a terrorist bomb attack at an annual charity event in Narathiwat province, setting off a bomb that wounded at least 12 persons, police said.

The Sunday night attack occurred at the annual Thai Red Cross fair, held in a Narathiwat municipality park. The bomb was hidden inside a canned milk container left in a garbage can, officers said.

The 12 wounded persons were sent to hospital for treatment. One was treated and discharged; the others were kept for treatment abd observation.

The 10-day fair, which began on April 30, copntinued on Monday, but police revised security measures for visitors.

Extremists also burnt two schools in Rueso district on Sunday night, police said, and six roadside pavilions were torched by suspected insurgents.

A high voltage electricity transmission tower in Rangae district was blown into two pieces after a bomb was remotely detonated by a cell phone, causing a complete blackout in one village.

In nearby Pattani province, closed circuit television captured the images of four men wearing knitted ski-masks who stormed into an automobile showroom and burned five cars in an operation that took only three minutes to complete.

Also: Jihadis bravely murder 3 year old boy in honorable mortal combat


Did you realize that this is happening on our the very doorsteps of northern Malaysia?




Above all from Photos of Brutally Murdered Victims of the Pattani Insurgency, which has even more pics

We don’t need to go all the way to Iraq or Afghanistan to witness horrific acts of brutality by villager-terrorizing jihadis.

And down to the south, we have similarly merciless attacks in Indonesia:



Above from Murdering and Beheading Three Christian Schoolgirls

Such indiscriminate, cruel, evil and inhumane tactics are exactly why the Iraqis have chosen to support the ‘invader, occupier’ Americans over their murderous Sunni Al Qaeda ‘brethren’.



When American troops very rarely oppress, rape and torture, they are shamed, put on trial and sentenced to harsh punishment by their own government and people.

When jihadis very regularly blow up and cut off the heads of their unarmed victims (list here), their people cheer and praise their courage and then and teach their children to do the same. When 4000 people die (including children, babies and Muslims), their fans dance and cheer in the streets.

Tell me honestly, from deep down in your heart past all the rhetoric and propaganda… Would you really prefer to live under the Taliban or Al Qaeda or Saudi Arabian Wahhabism or Iranian Mullahs?

Or continue your lifestyle of Western-imported food, goods, technology and entertainment that you willingly pay your good money for?

…Did I say Western-imported and willingly paid for? I of course meant Western-imperialist and forced down your throat at gunpoint. What kind of oppressed slave would actually want to buy things like pizza, burgers, ice-cream, Pentiums, movie tickets, video games and blog hosting?

I know many of you hate Bush and his ‘imperialist visions of American hegemony over the world’.

But choose your sides knowing what the other side has in store for you – ‘imperialist hegemony over the world and beheadings, too’.

72-year-old Iraqi Spots, Stops and Shoots Suicide Bomber

October 19, 07

Dun dun dun… Another one bites the dust… Dun, dun, dun…

Respect and props must be given to the super-senior dude for bravely challenging and then taking out the young suicide punk.

And also, much kudos to the US Coalition forces who trained Mr. Old Hero in how to spot and check potential terror-attackers.

That’s another one less terrorist alive to cause mayhem among innocent families, and one more to the 20,000+ terrorist body count.

And while the terrorist casualties increase, the civilian casualties decrease – which is bad for the undertaking business.

So much for certain Move.Onnish smear-insinuations that General Petraeus is accomplishing nothing of note.



Sourced from The Jawa Report, original at Iraq Multi-National Force website:

FORWARD OPERATING BASE KALSU, Iraq – A 72-year-old man stopped a suspected suicide bomber from detonating himself at a checkpoint in Arab Jabour Oct. 14.

The man approached a checkpoint where Mudhehr Fayadh Baresh was standing guard, but did not make it very far.

Baresh, a tribal commissioner and member of the Arab Jabour Concerned Citizens program, said he ordered the man to lift his shirt – using training received from Coalition Forces – when he did not recognize him as a local villager.

The suspect refused to lift his shirt. Baresh repeated the command again, and the suspect exposed his suicide vest, running toward the checkpoint.

Baresh opened fire which caused the vest to detonate, killing the suspect.

“I did it for the honor of my family and the honor of my country,” said Baresh, when he met with Col. Terry Ferrell, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Adgie, commander of the 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment presented Mudher with a battalion coin for his valor Oct. 16.

Bomblets Frag Terrorists, Spare Dog

October 4, 07

See also Terrorists Getting Pwned Videos for more military might squishing terrorists, and More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed for some figures on terrorist ‘success and victory’.

View this video of precision targetted multiple bomblets scattering the enemy at The Jawa Report: Insurgents Die, Dog Gets Away… And I mean literally scattering the enemy.


Insurgents out for a stroll. Maybe they’re taking doggie for walkies.


The screen shakes and a weird vibrating sound is heard as the attack is commenced.


A hail-like flurry of explosives suddenly and rather gracefully swoops in from the left.


The puppy-wuppy gets away apparently unscathed as the spread of bombs hits the terrorists square on. Imagine how fast they scatter into little bits.


And end with a second round of death for good measure.

Q: Hey, what was the last thing to enter the terrorists’ minds before they died?

A: High explosives and shrapnel.

Terrorists Getting Pwned Videos

August 29, 07

Courtesy of The Jawa Report which every now and then adds embedded videos on real footage of murderous terror-mongers getting slaughtered, posted with pwn in the title.

This is why young men join the military, d00d! Command & Conquer real life version, with real life murderers meeting their just end!

Bomblets Frag Terrorists, Spare Dog has another video link and image captures of death from afar. 

See More Than 23,000 Terrorists Killed for some stats on just what repeating this pwnage day after day achieves.

Ownage, mega kill, m-m-m-m-m-m-MONSTER KILL!



Apache attack chopper destroys a car bomb and more.





Two video embeds. Predator drone tracks and kills, and much Hellfire rains down around terrified terrorists.






Two videos of terrorists bombers exploding… Themselves. Morons! My response (and probably their last thoughts) was “Oh sh*t!”

Repeat of the mortar vid and another self-pwning terrorist at here.






One deep-fried truckload of terrorists, coming right up!





Hellfire missiles smash vehicle, more nail escapee.





Hellfire missile surprise for rooftop insurgents. The sudden flash of impact is stunning!




Woohoo! Real life FPS (First Person Shooter) mayhem! Ruuuuuuun!





Two senior Al Qaeda fighters shoot at Coalition troops. Guess what happens next. Bit hard to see, but you can make out quite well the spent bullet casings and human figures running.






F-16 fighter jet air strikes a vehicle full of insurgents, the missiles visible for a split second before the all-enveloping fireball!





Hizbollah rocket-firer is tracked then given a suitable response by the Israeli Defense Force. So-so pwning, but incredible overhead zoom-in.




US Air Force strikes a carload of terrorists. You can just make out a blur streak towards the car from the right before it is incinerated.



After seeing the gross imbalance of power and skill between the civilian-targeting insurgents and the civilian-protecting US forces, you realize just how unfeasible it is to attack the US troops head on. As this news report shows:


From The Guardian 7 Aug 2007:

Taliban Launch Frontal Attack on Base

Tuesday August 7, 2007 3:46 PM


Associated Press Writer

GHAZNI, Afghanistan (AP)- A group of 75 Taliban militants tried to overrun a U.S.-led coalition base in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, a rare frontal attack that left more than 20 militants dead, the coalition said in a statement.

The insurgents attacked Firebase Anaconda from three sides, using gunfire, grenades and 107 mm rockets, the coalition said. A joint Afghan-U.S. force repelled the attack with mortars, machine guns and air support.

“Almost two dozen insurgents were confirmed killed in the attack,” the statement said. Two girls and two Afghan soldiers were wounded during the fight in Uruzgan province, it said.

A firebase like Anaconda is usually a remote outpost staffed by as few as several dozen soldiers.

“The inability of the insurgent forces to inflict any severe damage on Firebase Anaconda, while being simultaneously decimated in the process, should be a clear indication of the ineffectiveness of their fighters,” said Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a coalition spokeswoman.

A direct attack on a U.S. or NATO base by insurgents on foot is relatively rare. More often insurgents fire rockets at bases and flee. Military officials say that Taliban fighters know they can’t match Western militaries in a heads-up battle, which leads the insurgents to more often rely on roadside and suicide bombs.


Get that. 75 attackers, 20 die (more than a quarter of the original number), no coalition forces killed. And as the videos show, even running around in the cover-less desert can get you killed.


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