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WRYYYYYY!!! Dio Brando The World

December 13, 06

First, click on the strange image below to be taken to a Flash animation. Once there, choose to watch the lowest option. You can view the rest too, but I’m focusing on the last one.


Got that? Now I bet you’re wondering, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS INSANITY??!!

The killer stick-man in the Flash is Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and one of the baddest villians around. The paler stick-man that comes out from him is his Stand, named The World. Here’s a portrait of them, Dio being the one with hair.


A Stand is a personification of mental energy. The stronger willed a person is, the more powerful his Stand. And Dio has an indomitable will to dominate all!


The World has incredible strength and speed, as seen by its blazing fast punches. (‘Muda’ means ‘Futile!’ or ‘Useless!’)


But even more deadly is its totally cool ability to STOP TIME! For up to 10 seconds, Dio and The World can freely move about and attack while everything else is frozen in mid-motion!



Dio can simply stop time and then throw tons of knives at you, whereupon they will stop and hang in mid-air. When Dio releases his hold on time, suddenly you’ll have dozens of blades flying in your face. Aaaaaah!



And then he drops a steam-roller on you while time is still stopped, ouch.


You can see the time-stop, knives and steamroller in sequence in this animated clip of the Capcom fighting game. Click the image to watch it. Toki yo Tomare! (Time has stopped!)


Is time-stopping cool, or what? In fact, it’s so cool that it was the inspiration for the spacetime-manipulating powers of Hiro Nakamura from the TV drama series Heroes. Want proof? Clicky that linky!

Now, on to that enigmatic and totally weird thing called WRYYYYYY! This is the Brando family’s psycho fear vampire terror cry (ryhmes with ‘mee’). It’s quite infamous on the net.


Did I mention Dio is a vampire too?  Dio himself is also super-strong, never-aging, and anything short of smashing his head or direct sunlight won’t take him out. He’ll just regenerate his body, quicker if he drinks someone’s blood.


He’s even able to squeeze the fluid in his eyeballs at you hard enough to cut thru stone! That’s some freaky biology and physics man!

Finally, his evil personality. Dio has such charisma as a leader, that a few words and maybe a display of power, and men are prepared to die in his service.

And if you aren’t swayed by his coolness, well, he’ll just use his ‘Charisma’ attack to implant some parasitic vampire cells into your brain and make you luv him 4eva!

In conclusion, Dio Brando isn’t one of those 90’s sensitive male ‘unfriendly cause I’m misunderstood’ type of villian. No, Dio will kill you and take over the world because he wants to. To win and to rule, that is all he cares about.

Here’s a host of Ve-Wryyyyyy cool videos featuring excerpts of the anime version of Dio and The World:

Jotaro vs Dio rock music video, with some time-stop fist fighting.

Dio orders his car to plow through those annoying pedestrians… On the sidewalk!

Dio sucks Joseph Joestar’s blood, allowing him to heal instantly from self-inflicted wounds of showing-offness. English dub, so weird accents as usual. 

All together now: WRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

             DioAnim2         DioAnim1

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