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Lousy Suicide Attempt in KL – Reminiscent of Scene in The Dark Knight

July 10, 09

From The Star 10 July 2009:

My apologies if I’m being insensitive, but… Not very well acquainted physics?

Recall this comparable scene from The Dark Knight (Batman), starting from 1 minute 30 seconds:

A multi-storey fall only breaks your bones.

So unless she fell headfirst with her head tilted at a precise angle that would cause her neck to snap upon impact with the ground, she would most likely merely get a bad sprain or fractures, which would hurt like heck but would not end her tormented existence of suffering. (In fact, it would just add to the torment and suffering, physically.)

Methinks she was merely insincere about her ‘suicide’ attempt, and just wanted some attention.

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