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Some Additional Bible Info on Lot and Daughters for RPK

April 16, 14

So RPK has a piece today entitled Islam bashing is actually Christianity bashing, in which he actually kinda does bash Christianity’s morals.

The relevant portion of his article, bolded portions for emphasis done by me:

Take the story of Sodom and Gomorrah from Genesis as one example. Malays know what the Qur’an has to say about this episode. But do they know what the Bible says? Not many do.

Genesis tells us that God wanted to test the people of Lot’s community so He sent two angels disguised as very ‘jambu’ men to that community (if you do not know what jambu means then go ask your Malay friends). And Lot took these two jambu as his guests for the night.

The men in Lot’s community then went berserk. They wanted Lot to surrender these two jambu to the wild crowd so that they can gang rape them. Lot refused and instead offered his two virgin daughters as replacements. They can gang rape his two virgin daughters if they leave the two angels disguised as jambu alone. But the crowd refused Lot’s two virgin daughters. They still wanted the two sexy men.

So God told Lot to take his family and leave that community because He was going to destroy the entire community. Lot and his family were told to leave and not look back. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife did not follow God’s wishes and looked back so she was turned into a pillar of salt.

Lot and his family were spared because they were all righteous people even though Lot had offered his two virgin daughters to be gang raped by the horde of sex-crazed people. Offering your two virgin daughters to be gang raped does not make you unrighteous.

After they had escaped, Lot’s two virgin daughters got him drunk and then had sex with him. Then they became pregnant. But God did not destroy them because they were righteous although they had sex with their own father and got pregnant. Only if you have gay sex will God destroy you.

That is what Christianity teaches us. So what the government did to Anwar is not as bad as what God did to the people of Lot’s community. So why are we complaining about what the government did to Anwar when God did worse? God did not punish Lot for offering his two virgin daughters to be gang raped. In fact, God said Lot was righteous. God did not punish Lot’s daughters for having sex with their own father. In fact, God said they were righteous. God only punished those who have gay sex.

Although RPK goes on quite a bit in his article about reading the Bible, taking comparative religions and understanding religions other than one’s down, here his understanding is lacking and/or coloured by his Islamic background. I don’t blame him really, as many self-proclaimed Christians similarly would not know the following:

Righteousness as defined by Christianity has nothing to do with your deeds, save one: Faith in Jesus (and by extension, God).

There relevant passage:

What does Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” Now to the one who works, wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation. However, to the one who does not work but trusts God who justifies the ungodly, their faith is credited as righteousness. – Romans 4:3-5

This is probably a very foreign, counter-intuitive and perhaps even downright wrong concept to a Muslim or someone steeped in an Islamic background. I know, as I’ve encountered such a different worldview before: Differences in Worldviews of Christianity vs Islam – As Supplied by menj

But the whole concept of Christianity is that nothing we do makes us worthy or forgiveness or salvation or heaven, it’s 100% about what Jesus did on the cross.

Sacraments? Good karmistic works? Five Pillars? None of these matter, for how can we ever compare to the holy and infinitely perfect Creator? (This is something that a Muslim can probably agree with.)

As Isaiah 64:6 laments, all our righteous acts are like filthy rags to Him! A single drop of our filth would contaminate His perfectly pure heaven – only Jesus’ divine redemptive sacrifice can truly and fully cleanse us.

All the ‘Heroes of Faith’ in Hebrews 11 are commended for believing in something they had no assurance of other than God’s word of honour. God promised it, and they lived like they believed it.

Hence when Lot is considered ‘righteous’ in 2 Peter 7-8, it is because he heard God’s message through the angels (leave town!) and believed (he left town).

And on a related point, it is not correct either to assume that the daughters’ de facto rape of their unale-to-give-legal-consent father did not result in any punishment or ill effects. An observant reader will realize just how serious the result of Lot’s family’s sin was – the children born of the incestuous, extra-marital act were named Moab and Bene-Ammon (Genesis 19:36-38). Generations later, the Moabites and the Ammonites were some of the most vicious enemies of their cousins Israel (i.e. the daughters’ father Lot’s uncle Abraham’s son Isaac’s son Jacob aka Israel).

So while faith leads to eternal salvation, earthly actions do have (often serious) consequences.


PS. This is not relevant to my points above, but I’m pretty sure the piece RPK cites that got him so riled up, Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic… Is actually satire.

PPS. Come to think of it, RPK keeps focusing on the ‘Sodom condemned for its homosexuality’ angle… But seems to ignore that Sodom involved attempted forcible gang rape too! Or is he saying that sort of thing should be ok?

Impose law and order on the JB Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex

December 16, 08

My gripe about my experience which happened today, with the new Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex (Bangunan Sultan Iskandar) in Johor Bahru that opened today, that was written up in word form today, and sent to Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini today. Promptness, the great advantage of New Media!

I doubt the relevant authorities will be reading Malaysia Today or Malaysiakini, however. They never do except to bash them.

From Malaysia Today:

Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex CIQ Bangunan Sultan Iskandar JB    Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex CIQ Bangunan Sultan Iskandar JB

Impose law and order on the JB Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex

On Tuesday, the 16th of December 2008, the new Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex (Bangunan Sultan Iskandar) began operations in Johor Bahru. As one of the thousands of Malaysians who commutes to work in Singapore daily, I was a firsthand witness to the new system.

Overall, I must say that I am impressed by the facilities of the CIQ Complex – and more so by the security and verification measures that the old customs system sorely lacked.

However, I have one very serious gripe that I hope the CIQ Complex management will immediately seek to rectify.

Once a bus passenger clears the passport check, the next process is to head back down to the bus waiting area to try and catch a bus. On a workday morning, this step is literally a descent into madness.

If any reader has ever taken a bus from Malaysia to Singapore at the old customs complex, they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Just like always, the bus crowd becomes a literal rabid mob!


BN Will Do Everything to Defeat the Social Ill of Alternative Media… I Mean, Cyber Cafes

July 8, 08

Via I am Malaysian, from The Star:

KUALA LUMPUR: All cyber cafes will have to close by midnight daily and operate only from the ground floor of buildings once the guidelines to control them are enforced.

Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin said that under the new guidelines, cyber cafe operators were also banned from using tinted glass.

“The new rule also requires those below 12 years old to be accompanied by their parents or guardians to cyber cafes and they are only allowed to stay until 10pm,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Hamzah said cyber cafes were also banned from other co-business activities, including having games, gambling, pornography, music and publications with negative elements.

“Cigarettes and alcohol cannot be sold or consumed at these premises,” he said.

Hamzah said operators were required to keep a register to record the entry and departure time of their patrons.

“This is to ensure that all patrons are checked by operators at all times. The owners of the business must also send the names of students who come to their premises to their schools,” he said.

Hamzah said some students had been found to play truant by changing their uniforms and visiting cyber cafes during school hours.

Over here in JB, near my workplace, is a cyber cafe called KingSurf (KS for short).

It is a massive premise, three stories high with a huge lighted-up sign on the outside saying KS in striking colours against a blue background. It has clear glass paneling so that anyone can look inside and see the 100+ computers it has… 100+ on each floor!

Kids are allowed, but no students in school uniform. Soft drinks, snacks and ciggies are sold at the counter, but smoking is strictly outside or in the toilet.

Everyone who goes there is playing games, emailing or watching Youtubes. But mostly games, be it DotA, CounterStrike, those pretend-you-are-playing-music games, or various online RPGs (e.g. World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online and those Chinese ones.)

No porn is allowed, or it is well hidden from prying eyes – it’s hard to pull off when all PC screens are in the open and facing the open air. No gambling or whatnot either.

There is a membership card that gives discount for usage, and even an affiliated cafe next door. It is an intergrated business. Patrons of all ages up to 40+, but mostly guys between teenage to 30, come and lepak here between dawn to 3am and later.

A rough estimate for 300 computers at RM 2.50 an hour for just 12 hours a day means around RM 9000 gross income a day. And it is often at maximum capacity.

Now is the govt going to force this massive KS – which has other branches all over JB and KL – to reduce itself to one floor, switch off at midnight, and no longer have the ‘co-businesses’ of having games, selling snacks, drinks and opening a nearby cafe?

And what of the other cyber cafes even larger and more open and transparent than KS in Penang, Ipoh, KL, you name it?

Heck, let’s just demolish all cybercafes so our youth can go do more government-approved fun things during their free time like prostitution, gangsterism, crime, joining unlawful UMNO public rallies and of course, Monyet Khairy‘s favourite – Mat Rempiting.


Above is Poster #26 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

IMHO? They just want to choke off every possible avenue the public has to view the alternative, non-Goverment Enslaved media of Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and blogs.

Everyone start buying Streamyx and Celcom shares now.

Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail

May 6, 08


Click to view full size. Above is Poster #31 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters, created specifically to stand in solidarity with RPK. Kudos to Susan Loone and Hsu Darren for feature and linkage. Feel free to use and share.

UPDATE 10 MAY 2008: RPK is released! And tells of threats by two police officers. See the snarky R.P.K. C4ME shirt.

UPDATE 9 MAY 2008: RPK is free tomorrow! Raja Petra speaks of his experience in the cell. Breakfast with RPK after his ordeal.

UPDATE: The police are making the highly likely and totally unsuspicious claim that RPK is ‘refusing to speak to anybody, even his own wife’.

LATEST UPDATE: RPK meets wife, agrees to bail.

His wife speaks of her pain here. Who among us really believes that one half of this close couple would willingly refuse to meet his wife to make some point?

Najib responds that bloggers must beware… In less menacing words, but you can feel the smarmy glee dripping off them.

RPK’s own site Malaysia Today is covering it at Malaysia’s folk hero Raja Petra opts for jail to prove a point, Blogger Raja Petra charged, A legend in the making (via Malaysiakini), and many more.

Lim Kit Siang was right there at the trial.

Susan Loone and din merican are also covering it.

Jed Yoong got an article into the Asia Sentinel on the subject.

Way over in the USA, popular blog The Jawa Report has gotten wind of it.

Various bloggers and representative of civil rights groups call the charges politically motivated. Najib, the aggrieved party in this lawsuit, denies it.

Malaysiakini also has story, subscription required.

MSM account at Malaysia’s The Star and Singapore’s The Straits Times.

Photos at hijau-sirih, who also has link list. More photos, of the vigil held for RPK Wednesday night.

RPK’s own Malaysia Today has photos of the trial and plenty comments.

He’s no stranger to arrest over sedition charges. Question: How come carefully worded, isi tersirat articles are sedition but raising a keris and calling for Chinese blood in public is not?

Want to get him out of jail? He’ll likely only accept posting bail it if the RM 5,000 bail payment comes from blogger and supporter donations.

You know one more thing you can do? Whatever faith you may profess, if it is one that subscribes to justice and fairness and righteousness and truth, say a prayer for those things on behalf of RPK. You and I may be next.


Above modified from One Piece Wanted Poster found at Feel free to use and share.

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Malaysia Today Letters: Muslim Leaders, Denounce The Extremists As Well As Geert Wilders!

April 2, 08

If you have no idea what this is all about:

Watch: Michelle Malkin or Moonbattery or The Jawa Report

Read: Wikipedia on Fitna 

My first letter to Malaysia Today, regarding the same thing I griped about in Protests Against Geert Wilders’ Fitna and What Message Moderate Muslim Leaders Are Sending.

I am suitably proud. Thanks to the e-mail Discussers who finally influenced me to become a Malaysia Today member (you know who you are!).

This other letter-sender notes something along similar lines.


From Malaysia Today Letters/Surat, 2 April 2008:

   MuslimLeadersDenounce1   MuslimLeadersDenounce2

Muslim leaders, denounce the extremists as well as Geert Wilders!       

Posted by Vineeth Menon    
Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Recently, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders released a controversial film called ‘Fitna’. The film is widely viewed as intentionally insulting and provocative towards Islam.

Muslims worldwide have protested and denounced the film, including Malaysia’s own Dr. Mahathir and the BN Youth. Local stores are boycotting Dutch products, at the behest of the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia.

They are saddened by the film’s misportrayal of Islam as inherently violent and intolerant.

I too am saddened to note that even as the Muslim leaders of the world are outraged at Westerners deemed to be mocking Islam, not a peep is uttered about the extremists who call for hate and death against non-Muslims – as captured on video in the Dutch film.

These extremists are the same ones who cause Westerners to view Islam as a violent religion. These extremists are the ones hijacking and ‘rebranding’ Islam as a religion of war and intolerance in the public eye.

Yet none of the moderate Muslim leaders denounce or reject them.

Instead, more calls for boycotts and more protests made are made against Wilders – a man whose image of Islam is coloured by those very extremists.

What image does this portray when every single time, the Muslim leaders of the world attack the messenger (Wilders or newspaper cartoons), but not the message (extremists who are successfully using Islam as a rallying cry for violence and hatred)?

I’ll make an educated guess on the above question: In this post-9/11 world, Westerners will suspect that the moderates secretly support the views of those extremists. If not, then why do the moderates spend so much time denouncing a filmmaker, but spend no time denouncing the extremists?

In fact, I am certain that Wilders is counting on such a knee-jerk reaction from Muslims, with maybe some riots and spontaneous murders of innocent bystanders thrown in (like what happened with the Jyllands-Posten controversy), in order to prove his point to the world.

If his aim is to influence public opinion into seeing all Muslims as violent extremists, then I’m afraid that the prominent Muslim moderates are only aiding his agenda.

Muslims of the world, show the West that the those who preach hate are not the true stewards of your faith – denounce the extremists along with Geert Wilders!


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