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UMNO Chief is Shocked That Political Leaders Could Call For Bloodshed

June 15, 09

Hypocrisy Meter from theblogprof.

Q: When do you ever hear about BN and UMNO politicians denouncing calls to violence and bloodshed to further one’s agenda?

A: Only when it’s not your own party doing the calling, DUH.

From The Star 15 June 2009:

PAS’ bloodshed talk shocking

Kelantan Umno liaison chief Datuk Mustapa Mohamad is shocked that some PAS leaders have resorted to telling party supporters in Manek Urai that they must defend the seat even if they have to “shed blood”.

Mustapa said it was regrettable for leaders to incite their supports by becoming so emotional when the by-election was just about winning influence.

“I am shocked that some PAS leaders can come out with talk of bloodshed and violence and this is very dangerous.

“Barisan Nasional rejects such approach because at the end of the day, this is just politics,” Mustapa said in his speech before the launching of the Barisan election machinery by Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal here on Saturday night.

He added that Barisan would not employ dangerous and desperate tactics as used by PAS, and urged those involved to stop doing so as it would be difficult to control their supporters once they became highly emotional.

“Has PAS lost the art of wooing the hearts of the voters or have they lost their minds to subscribe to such a militant approach?” he asked, adding that in the end, the winner would be decided by peaceful voters.

Seriously, keep the remarks about blood but replace ‘PAS’ with ‘Najib’ (or any of the other UMNOputras who have gone on the record calling for bloodshed) in the above, and you might have one Kelantan Umno liaison chief locked up under the ISA.

Police Warn Against Race Baiting in 2008 General Election (Like That’s Gonna Stop UMNO)

February 6, 08

From The Star 6 Feb 2008:

     DunPlayRaceKad1     DunPlayRaceKad2

Don’t play racial card, parties warned

JITRA: Political parties have been warned not to dabble in sensitive issues when campaigning in the coming general election.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said such issues could jeopardise the country’s unity even long after the election was over.

“Political campaigns using sensitive issues might be picked up by the media and will remain in the minds of the people until after the election.

This could will lead to disharmony among the people,” he said after presenting school aid to more than 4,000 children in Kubang Pasu parliamentary constituency.

Getting ready: Mohd Johari (second from right) and Kubang Pasu MCA chairman Datuk Lim Lye Huat (third from right) listening to briefing by party workers on the computer system use to check voters names during their tour of the Kubang Pasu MCA Division general election operation centre at Pekan Jitra III, in Jitra, yesterday.

Mohd Johari said police would monitor campaigns conducted by political parties to ensure they would not use sensitive issues such as racial and religious issues.

He said stern action would be taken against political parties, which harp on sensitive issues during their campaigns.

Mohd Johari said he also believed Barisan Nasional candidates contesting in Kubang Pasu district could gain 5,000 additional votes from newly-registered voters.

When asked if he would be defending his seat Mohd Johari said he would leave it to the state party leader Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid and party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide on his status.



Ah Pek, sit down and keep quiet!”

“I’m talking about Muslims, not keling.”

Badruddin Amiruldin ( Deputy Permanent Chairman of UMNO)


“Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham when is he going to use it?”

“Force must be used against those who refused to abide by the social contract.”

Hashim Suboh (Deputy Chief of UMNO Kangar)


“Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”

Tengku Adnan (Tourism Minister under Barisan Nasional, Setiausaha Kerja of UMNO)


“Burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.”

Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir (Deputy Leader of UMNO Youth)



Hishammuddin Hussein (Education Minister under Barisan Nasional, Chairman of UMNO Youth Wing)


“Revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers.”

“May 13 has begun.”

“Soak it (the keris) with Malaysian Chinese blood.”

Najib Tun Razak (Prime Minister under Barisan Nasional, President of UMNO)


“The Jews robbed the Palestinians of everything, but in Malaysia they could not do so, hence they do this, depress the ringgit.”

“Today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong so they may enjoy equal rights with others.”

“1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews.”

Mahathir bin Mohamad (Former Prime Minister under Barisan Nasional, UMNO member)



VOTE THEM OUT 2008!!!!

Economics Quiz – What Malaysian Political Party Are You?

January 2, 08

You earn 43.6 billion from your sales of oil. What do you do with it?

A. Spend 1.8 billion to build towers that will be the world’s tallest for 6 years, then lie mostly useless as a vertical pile of unrented office space.

B. Spend 230 million to launch an astronaut into space to wave the national flag into zero-G and carry out ‘scientific experiments’ of dubious nature and even more doubtful practical use.

C. Plan to spend 490 million to build a sports training centre 10,000 kilometres away in London, but cancel your grand schemes after massive public criticism.

D. Spend an amount that nobody is even sure of or won’t dare admit to build a massive 11,000 acre administrative capital that is mostly barren and empty due to poor planning.

E. Spend the money on improving the welfare of the citizenry, such as by lowering national fuel prices which would in turn increase productivity and boost the economy, thereby creating more wealth for all – including the government, which would then have more money to again spend on its citizens.

If you answered A, B, C or D, congratulations! You are the ruling Barisan Nasional party! Congratulate your smarmy self by spending more exorbitant amounts of money on your pet projects and lining the pockets of your cronies.

If you answered E, YOU IMBECILE!!! You are the wretched Opposition party! Don’t you know that there is no money available to subsidize fuel prices for the masses of unwashed people? The high exalted priest of Chinesebloodkeris Nut-jib Tun Razzie says so! Punish yourself by locking yourself up for sedition.


Above from The Star 31 Dec 2007.

Najib Tun Razak Says Street Demonstrations Such As Bersih Rally Not Part of Malaysian Culture, Conveniently Forgets Malayan Union Protests

November 21, 07

Hypocrisy Meter from theblogprof.

In response to the Bersih Rally, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister said to The Star that ‘Malaysians should not go to the streets to voice their dissent, as street demonstrations were not part of Malaysian culture’.

From The Star 12 Nov 2007:


Soooooo… Okay. According to the second highest authority in the current Malaysian leadership, ‘Street demonstrations are not part of Malaysian culture’.

O RLY?????

Then what do you call this:


Begging for SPCA donations? Advertising for Maxis? (Since Digi-man is yellow and therefore must be supporting Bersih. See bottom of my Bersih Rally post.)

The very un-Malaysian street demonstrations against the Malayan Union were what gave birth to the Federation of Malaya to replace it, and the Federation was later succeeded by Malaysia.

So perhaps Najib can be said to be correct – Street demonstrations are NOT part of Malaysian culture.

Instead it’s the other way around, Malaysian culture IS PART OF street demonstrations, since the street demonstrations against the Malayan Union gave birth to Malaysian culture!

By the reasoning of the Deputy PM, the protests against the Malayan Union were also therefore ‘not part of Malaysian culture’.

Zainuddin would then have added that the UMNO marchers opposing the British should have been broken up with tear gas and water cannon, and the movement smeared as illegal and unsupported by the people in the then Jawi-language-only Utusan Melayu. (See video links in my Bersih Rally post.)

As a result, Malay special rights would not have been preserved. Go on Najib, I dare you: Denounce the anti-Malayan Union demonstrators as traitors to ‘Malaysian culture’. I can tell you that it won’t be Chinese blood soaking your keris after the UMNO gang-bangers catch up with you.


Above is Poster #4 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

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