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Youth Engagement Summit (YES) to Base Their CHANGE on Obama’s Massive Failures

October 5, 09

Excerpt from The Star 5 Oct 2009:

80,000 youths going in for Change

NEW YORK: Inspired by US President Barack Obama’s Change theme, nearly 180,000 young people across South-East Asia have registered support for change in the run-up to the Youth Engagement Summit (YES) 2009.

The summit is the first of its kind in Asia and will bring together youth representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Brunei.

Organisers briefed US State Department officials in Washington DC last week on details of the plans, which include inviting 10 of America’s most promising youth leaders to attend the event.

Expected to be the largest youth gathering in the region, the summit with the theme “South-East Asia Youth for CHANGE”, will connect young people via satellite link-up to giant screens across five South-East Asian leading universities with 6,000 summit participants in Kuala Lumpur.

“Youth of South-East Asia are more connected, ready for change and forward looking than before. These youth will lead their countries in the next five years. We have to engage them now,” he said.

Organising chairman Harmandar Singh said YES 2009 would begin immediately after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) conference in Singapore and he hoped to attract at least one more world-renowned agent of change as a keynote speaker.

“This movement was inspired by President Obama’s call for change during last year’s election campaign. His charismatic approach has influenced a dynamic shift in long-held perceptions, particularly for South-East Asia’s next generation of leaders.”

For more information, visit

So they’re basing their admittedly inspiring, positive and hopeful vision on President Obama’s CHANGE.

Well, here’s the CHANGE Obama’s been bringing in by the bucketful to his own country (click images for more):

$51 billion lost due to Stimulus – $340 billion spending power for $391 billion spent!

Update: Now it’s 10.2 percent.

26 percent jump in demand for hunger assistance over the past year, the largest average increase since 1991.

52.2% youth unemployment – YOUTH unemployment, at record high since World War II! Still want to base your CHANGE on Obama, youths of YES?

Personal bankruptcies up 32% in 2009 compared to 2008.

Poverty level up to 14.3% of Americans.

That’s what you get for electing a person who has only 143 days of Senatorship of experience in leading.

And as for his much-vaunted ‘community organizing’ experience, here’s what it actually accomplished:

Still so sure we want that kind of CHANGE around here?

PS. Actually, Obama’s brand of CHANGE is just MORE OF THE SAME OLD, SAME OLD:

For nearly two years, economic issues have held the top spot in terms of importance among voters.

But the latest national telephone survey shows that 83% now view government ethics and corruption as very important, placing it just ahead of the economy on a list of 10 key electoral issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports. Eighty-two percent (82%) of voters see the economy as very important.

The new findings come at a time when 43% of voters say the president is doing a poor job addressing government ethics and reducing corruption, up five points from early September and the highest level measured since he took office.

On a related note: Culture of Corruption remains on the New York Times best-seller list for the 9th week in a row (#9) and in the Top 100 for 68 days straight (currently #11). Thank you for continuing to spread the word.

UPDATE: Now they say that instead of blaming their leaders or governments, South-East Asian youths want to see changes in the attitudes of their peers.

Someone tell that to Mr. Blame Bush for Everything Bad.

Republican Led Economy VS Democrat Led Economy

July 10, 09

From Moonbattery:

And more on unemployment:

From Malkin:

Liberals, being immune to reality as they are, think that the economy is actually better than before.

Meanwhile in Not-Bizarro-World, the much-touted Obama/Dems 1.5 trillion dollar Stimulus Package has created an amazing 63 jobs.

Via Moonbattery:

Via Gateway Pundit:

Via Moonbattery:

Via Moonbattery:

This correlates nicely with Obama’s effect on the stock market:

Which may have led to this, via Gateway Pundit:

No wonder his approval rating has dropped:

And more Americans are turning Conservative:

Poll more Conservatives

Obama, Please Stop Talking Sh*t

April 3, 09

Obama Stop Talking Sh*t

Click image for full size.

Original gaming comic from Press Start to Play.

See also screenshots at Obama Speaketh, Stock Market Crasheth.

Even Capitalism in Recession and Depression is Better Than Socialism/Communism

April 2, 09

So the free market has failed us, capitalism is dead, we’re all headed into the biggest recession ever, blah blah blah…

Put things into perspective here. Just take a look at nations which have been historically or are currently Socialist/Communist compared them to nations which have applied free market economics.

Cuba? Poor and underdeveloped.

Zimbabwe? 89.7 thousand million million million % inflation rate, land of starving billionaires.

Vietnam? Poor and underdeveloped but now embracing capitalism.

China? Heartily embracing capitalism, imagine if it had done so half a century ago.

Radical socialist, business killing amateur Obama’s USA? $1.85 trillion deficit.

Compare that last one to Ronald Reagan’s 16 million new jobs, 9.5% drop in inflation and 3.4% GDP growth.

So maybe free market capitalism veered off the road awhile and got a punctured tyre or two. It’s still magnitudes more efficient than crawling on hands and knees along the road of human advancement… While strewing broken glass into your own path (aka nationalizing businesses).

Obama Speaketh, Stock Market Crasheth

February 27, 09

A graphical presentation of how Obama is fixing the economy, in chronological order.

Click images for full sizes.

Summary of how the market dives everytime Obama is on top:

Snapshots in time:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Last November 3, the Dow Jones was at 9,320. Then a Marxist punk was elected President of the USA. At close today, the Dow was at 7,182. That’s a drop of 18.59 points per day since the election. At this rate, it will hit zero in 386 days — just over a year.

Cool video or what?

Oops, above video removed… So have this one instead:

Watch the Dow Jones Index tank as Obama opens his mouth and speaks about his plans for America.

Truly Change we can believe in:

He will fix the world!


See also:

It’s no wonder Wall Street gave Obama a Big Fat “F” for his first month in office.

And also:




Editorial cartoons below the fold.


Obama Chimp = WRONG

February 25, 09

Obama as a chimp?

Well, ignoring the fact that the actual authors of the Porkulus Bill are Congress and not Obama…

And ignoring the fact that anyone who gets all outraged over the perceived racism of the cartoon are themselves being racist for automatically equating a chimp to a black man

Portrayaing Obama as a chimp is flat out wrong.

Obama’s analogy is supposed to be spelled C-H-U-M-P if you didn’t know.


Just another moment of doom in a long-running trend of the stock market crashing whenever Obama does ANYTHING.

But hey… He will fix the economy!

By the way, you can probably blame the past 8 years of Bush = Chimp antics for popularizing these kind of comparisons if must pin down a culprit. Karma is a beach (sic).

American Stock Exchange ‘Celebrates’ Obama With Record CRASHES – Repeatedly!

November 6, 08

I’d heard plenty of speculation that every time Obama rose in the pre-Presidential Election polls, the American stock market fell. But I wasn’t sure this wasn’t just a coincidence, so I decided to wait and see: If Obama won the Presidency, would the American stock market fall?

The hypothesis has now been tested – and proven correct.

1 day of Obama as President-elect = 486.01 point drop

2 days of Obama as President-elect = 929.49 point drop

7 days of Obama as President-elect = 1342.62 point drop

14 days of Obama as President-elect = 1628 point drop

Obama is inaugurated as President = additional one-day 332.13 point drop

Start Day Before Obama wins Election, to End Day Obama is President = 1667.51 total drop

From President Obama to Obama signs stimulus package = 2018.75 point drop

Wait! I thought Obama’s economic genius, the one that is supposed to far exceed that of old fuddy-duddy McCain’s, was supposed to save everyone’s jobs?




Obama’s SOTU 2011…

Dollar plunges in response!



This is what market confidence in the upcoming 4 years of Obama Economy looks like:


The 46% Are Watching You, President Obama

November 6, 08

So Obama is now President-elect… And the American stock exchange crashes in response. But hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.

And neither did 46% of America.

And these 46%, over 56 million people, are now warily watching President-elect Obama to see if he will keep all his promises.

His promise to tax the electorate more… Anyone who earns more than $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $120,000 Whatever he d*mn well pleases.

His promise to tax anyone who buys shares more.

His promise to intentionally makes energy costs “skyrocket”.

His promise to bankrupt the coal industry.

His promise to surrender immediately just as victory is in sight.

His promise to give the leaders of rogue nations all the leverage.

His promise to expose 6 year olds to graphic sex.

His promise to kill more babies in the womb or leave them to die once born.

Or were these promises, as usual for the pre-President Obama, just politically expedient lies?

The 46% who were not fooled by your fast talking and the complicity of the liberal media are watching you, President-elect Obama.

President Obama Cartoon

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