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2008 Presidential Debate 1: Obama Gaffe Videos

September 27, 08

Via Michelle Malkin – Obama can’t remember the soldier’s name on his bracelet:

Barack Obama’s cringe-inducing “Me, too” moment with his troop bracelet –given to him by the mother of a soldier whose name he can’t remember without having to look down and read it.

And family doesn’t want him wearing the bracelet


Via Michelle Malkin – Rapid response: McCain debate ad quotes Obama, “McCain is right”:

Montage of three separate occasions in the debate where Obama said “McCain is right”.

“Is Barack Obama ready to lead?………No.


Via Gateway Pundit – McCain Stuns Obama– Catches Him Lying About Kissinger:

Obama: I’m glad the Senator McCain brought up the bipartisan history of us engaging in direct diplomacy. Senator McCain mentioned Henry Kissinger who is one of his advisors who along with 5 Secretaries of State just said that we should meet with Iran; Guess what? He said without preconditions. This is one of your own advisers…

McCain: Look. Dr. Kissinger did not say that he would approve a face to face meeting between the President of the United States and Ahmadinejad. he did not say that…This is dangerous. This isn’t just naive… By the way, Dr. Kissinger who has been my friend for 35 years would be interested to hear Senator Obama’s depiction on the issue. I’ve known him for 35 years… And, Senator Obama is parsing words when he says “preconditions” means “preparations.”

UPDATE: Henry Kissinger is “upset” with Obama for distorting his views!


Via Gateway Pundit – The Presidential Debate- McCain Schools Obama at Ole Miss:



And now, the political cartoons:


Obama Irreverently Flings Rose at Ground Zero

September 12, 08

McCain gently, respectfully, reverently lays a rose at the site of Ground Zero to commemorate the victims of 9/11.

Obama chucks it.

Via Michelle Malkin – Etiquette: A Tale of Two Roses:

RESTECP. (sic, go watch Ali G in Da House.)

Video angle 1:

Video angle 2:

As a commentor at Malkin notes, the first 30 seconds of the second video show how Obama doesn’t bother to shake hands with lowly public servants (the real heros of 9/11) while McCain does.

He must have been too preoccupied pondering how to better sympathize with 9/11-style terrorists.

Even without saying anything (having agreed to no-speeches at on 9/11), Obama demonstrates how truly below McCain’s calibre he is.

UPDATE 15 Sept 2008: This Video tipped by commentors below, jezb1 and then Heavenly, shows Obama shaking hands with various bystanders and also RINO and then ex-Republican Michael Bloomberg tossing a rose in the same fashion as Obama:

Michelle Malkin also has this update:

Some readers are complaining about Joe W.’s comments, interpreting it to mean that Obama didn’t shake any firefighters’ hands. I think he simply meant the ones standing that line. Obama shook plenty of hands during the rest of the ceremony.

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