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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize – Reactions Collection

October 9, 09

UPDATE: And Obama claims his prize, while admitting that he doesn’t deserve it.

False humility? Yes:

I am living testimony to the moral force of non-violence.


UPDATE: Not a joke – Obama awarded a black belt in tae kwon do by the President of South Korea.

His pandering to the UN, gently petting terrorists and their regimes, cozying up to dictators, keeping mum while civilians die, quietly letting Iran get nukes, and apologizing to the world for America for 9 months has paid off – Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Recall that unlike the science Prizes, the Nobel Peace Prize winner is decided by just five liberals who hail from uber-liberal Norway:

three of them would be considered hard-left liberals in American politics. One of those belongs to Norway’s Socialist Left party. And all five people on the committee are politicians selected by the Norwegian parliament, and generally hew to a Norwegian view of foreign affairs — internationalist in outlook and with a broad affinity for Obama’s posture on the world stage.

This award is perfectly matched to Obama after the farce that was Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore (similarly opposes capitalist lifestyle while being filthy rich) and past winners like Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter (similarly is no friends of Israel).

Meanwhile at home, he is driving his country (and his opinion ratings) into the ground.

So congratulations Obama! You’ve earned it (really!). By plowing America into the dirt, you’ve ingratiated yourself to everyone who isn’t America!

Oh, and… Good luck with that home crowd.

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