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Republican Led Economy VS Democrat Led Economy

July 10, 09

From Moonbattery:

And more on unemployment:

From Malkin:

Liberals, being immune to reality as they are, think that the economy is actually better than before.

Meanwhile in Not-Bizarro-World, the much-touted Obama/Dems 1.5 trillion dollar Stimulus Package has created an amazing 63 jobs.

Via Moonbattery:

Via Gateway Pundit:

Via Moonbattery:

Via Moonbattery:

This correlates nicely with Obama’s effect on the stock market:

Which may have led to this, via Gateway Pundit:

No wonder his approval rating has dropped:

And more Americans are turning Conservative:

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The 46% Are Watching You, President Obama

November 6, 08

So Obama is now President-elect… And the American stock exchange crashes in response. But hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.

And neither did 46% of America.

And these 46%, over 56 million people, are now warily watching President-elect Obama to see if he will keep all his promises.

His promise to tax the electorate more… Anyone who earns more than $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $120,000 Whatever he d*mn well pleases.

His promise to tax anyone who buys shares more.

His promise to intentionally makes energy costs “skyrocket”.

His promise to bankrupt the coal industry.

His promise to surrender immediately just as victory is in sight.

His promise to give the leaders of rogue nations all the leverage.

His promise to expose 6 year olds to graphic sex.

His promise to kill more babies in the womb or leave them to die once born.

Or were these promises, as usual for the pre-President Obama, just politically expedient lies?

The 46% who were not fooled by your fast talking and the complicity of the liberal media are watching you, President-elect Obama.

President Obama Cartoon

Who Will Obama Put Heavier Taxes On?

November 3, 08

In his own words, anyone earning $250,000 a year or more.

No, wait… Anyone earning $200,000 a year or more.

No, wait… Anyone earning $150,000 a year or more.

No, wait… Anyone earning $120,000 a year or more.

No, wait…

Still think a President Obama will take money from everyone but you? Still think he will pay for your gas and cover your mortgage using other peoples’ money?

Obama pay all bills

UPDATE: Obama’s tax cut that he promised to give 95% of all Americans? CANCELLED.

And remember his breaking his word on all his other promises, especially ones to do with money. Do you trust him to only tax the ‘rich’?

Heck, he doesn’t even give money to his impoverished illegal alien aunt and mud-hut living half-brother in Kenya.

Nor is he paying his own campaign workers their dues.

And even if you don’t pay taxes currently… Watch for your bills to break your wallet and your jobs to disappear as Obama purposely makes energy costs “skyrocket” and bankrupts the coal industry.

Sure, he’ll keep his word. Only, he’ll redefine ‘rich’ to mean ‘anyone at all who has any amount of money to redistribute’.

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