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Scott Gets Credit for Obama Phone FAIL on Michelle Malkin’s Blog

March 10, 09

Thank you Miss Malkin! I had given up hope that my creation of the lol would ever be credited, but the alert Michelle Malkin actually noticed my email and/or trackback and/or comment amidst her hundreds of messages, and has now publicly credited me plus a link!

Obama Phone Fail

The minor formatting issue on my name destracts from my joy not! And nowadays I always put a little watermark of sorts on my creations.

Made with the excellent free graphics editor software, GIMP by the way. Try it out yourselves – it takes a bit of getting used to if you’re more familiar with Photoshop.

I still have no idea of the chain of passing-alongs that led to Michelle Malkin stumbling across the Obama Phone FAIL though.


Scott’s Obama Phone FAIL on Michelle Malkin

October 22, 08

Hey, my creation is up on Michelle Malkin‘s!

Obama Phone FAIL on Malkin

Compare blast from the past 6 months ago: Is The FAIL Blog Liberal Democrat?

Informed Michelle Malkin about it, will see if I get due credit.

In any case, all are free to use it for their own mockerying. This is teh Intertubes after all.

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