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Ultimate Fantastic Four: Why God Allows Us Disobedience (A World of Happy Slaves)

March 18, 08

From the comic series Ultimate Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer story arc:










This is why there needs to be a Forbidden Fruit, a real method by which Adam and Eve could choose to totally reject God – not just choose whether to LOVE GOD LOTS or to LOVE GOD MORE.

If God gave us free will to do ANYTHING we please EXCEPT rebel against him, but we decided we wanted to rebel against Him… Would that really be free will? What we want to do, we cannot.

Hence, the forbidden fruit of rebellion against God.

That is the reason the choice to diobey and rebel against God was given to humanity, who chose it even with the dire cost it entailed.

For truly free will to exist – including the free will to reject God – the choice to rebel against God is necessary.

This is why the God of the Bible, with all His infinite power and wisdom and love…

Gives humanity free will.

Gives us the freedom of choice.

Gives us the capability to reject Him.

Gives us the choice not to love Him.

Gives us the mental capacity to disbelieve in His existence.

Gives us the chance to turn down His offer of salvation and reconciliation through His son, Jesus.

Gives us the permission to choose between sin and obedience. Because the alternative is:


Would that be real happiness? Or just the illusion of it? Can we truly be happy if we have no choice but to be happy?

Gave Adam and Eve the choice to disobey Him by placing the forbidden fruit within their reach.

This is my God… A God who is so powerful, wise and loving, that He will only accept true and genuine love from us – His precious children.

For love that is coerced is not genuine love. Belief that is forced is devoid of faith.

This is my God… Because He gives me the choice to choose.

And I choose Him.


“How do you make someone love you without affecting free will?” – Jim Carrey as Bruce Almighty

“Welcome to my life. If you figure out an answer to that question, let me know.” – Morgan Freeman as God

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