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Killer Mantis

August 30, 06

Let me introduce a new category on my blog – Amazing Creation. As the description says (mouse over the Amazing Creation link and wait a while), posts grouped under here will focus on the really COOL living things I’ve found out about.

Apart from that, some of the life forms have adaptations or behaviour that is so complex, you really have to stretch the bounds of Darwinistic, Naturalistic evolution to explain it!

For my first offering, here is something I found at this bird watching site.

WARNING! WARNING! Emmeline and like-minded cute-animal lovers should not look at the below pictures.

You have been warned!

Look out!

Here it comes!


Eh, don’t blame me, I told you NOT to look :p Y

Yes, that is a hummingbird that got speared by a praying mantis! Said mantis managed to score a critical strike that ignored target’s armour rating, then proceeds to eat the hummer while hanging upside down – the bird’s full weight still on the mantis’ claw.


So now you know that mantids not only look scary, they ARE scary!

PLUS: A whole collection of other mantis-kill-bird pics can be found at this page. Use Google Translate which can auto detect the lamguage as Spanish and translate it to pretty understandable English.

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