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Raja Petra Kamarudin Chooses Jail Rather Than Pay RM 5,000 Bail

May 6, 08


Click to view full size. Above is Poster #31 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters, created specifically to stand in solidarity with RPK. Kudos to Susan Loone and Hsu Darren for feature and linkage. Feel free to use and share.

UPDATE 10 MAY 2008: RPK is released! And tells of threats by two police officers. See the snarky R.P.K. C4ME shirt.

UPDATE 9 MAY 2008: RPK is free tomorrow! Raja Petra speaks of his experience in the cell. Breakfast with RPK after his ordeal.

UPDATE: The police are making the highly likely and totally unsuspicious claim that RPK is ‘refusing to speak to anybody, even his own wife’.

LATEST UPDATE: RPK meets wife, agrees to bail.

His wife speaks of her pain here. Who among us really believes that one half of this close couple would willingly refuse to meet his wife to make some point?

Najib responds that bloggers must beware… In less menacing words, but you can feel the smarmy glee dripping off them.

RPK’s own site Malaysia Today is covering it at Malaysia’s folk hero Raja Petra opts for jail to prove a point, Blogger Raja Petra charged, A legend in the making (via Malaysiakini), and many more.

Lim Kit Siang was right there at the trial.

Susan Loone and din merican are also covering it.

Jed Yoong got an article into the Asia Sentinel on the subject.

Way over in the USA, popular blog The Jawa Report has gotten wind of it.

Various bloggers and representative of civil rights groups call the charges politically motivated. Najib, the aggrieved party in this lawsuit, denies it.

Malaysiakini also has story, subscription required.

MSM account at Malaysia’s The Star and Singapore’s The Straits Times.

Photos at hijau-sirih, who also has link list. More photos, of the vigil held for RPK Wednesday night.

RPK’s own Malaysia Today has photos of the trial and plenty comments.

He’s no stranger to arrest over sedition charges. Question: How come carefully worded, isi tersirat articles are sedition but raising a keris and calling for Chinese blood in public is not?

Want to get him out of jail? He’ll likely only accept posting bail it if the RM 5,000 bail payment comes from blogger and supporter donations.

You know one more thing you can do? Whatever faith you may profess, if it is one that subscribes to justice and fairness and righteousness and truth, say a prayer for those things on behalf of RPK. You and I may be next.


Above modified from One Piece Wanted Poster found at Feel free to use and share.

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