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Is The FAIL Blog Liberal Democrat?

April 16, 08

Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! (And thank you, Miss Malkin, for the linkage!)

What can I offer to the conservative Netizen who already has it all? How’s about more Obama mockery? Meticulous collections is what I’m good at, I suppose:

And the entirety of my Obama Sucks category.

That should be enough link-spamming. And now, back to the original post.


Some time back, the highly popular FAIL Blog  included this lol:


But has yet to include this lol I sent in:


Compare the two. Similar joke, except that the personalities being mocked are from different US political parties.

Bush looks a bit dishevelled and distracted, so you might forgive him for grabbing the phone receiver upside down in a hurry. Funny enough.

Whereas Obama is clearly either comfortably posing for a photo op shot, or he’s been confidently talking and taking down notes for several minutes. (And note the time on the clock – could it be three a.m. ?) Either way, much self-aggrandizing funniness there.

So by FAIL Blog’s own standards, it can’t be just because the Obama Phone lol is un-funny, no?

And the Obama one is of clearer quality than the Bush one, recent to boot, and even subjectively funnier if you consider at the upside-down text and Obama’s FAILing to pose for the media.

For context, here are other Bush lols on FAIL Blog:

And one very overtly politically critical one:

Lots of Bush lolling there.

So, a clear demonstration of Liberal Democrat leanings? Just an observation here, I’m no great fan of Lame Duck Bushie myself.

What do you think?

Ethical Alignments of Chaotic Liberals and Lawful Conservatives

January 22, 08

Here’s one for all the Dungeons & Dragons fans. (Computer-game-only players like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment also count.)


Notice how Liberals Democrats support the following: Abolishing the death penalty for guilty murderers, easy abortions to kill innocent babies, light sentences for crime, banning personal-protection firearms, taxing productive citizens while rewarding welfare parasites, irresponsible freeloading for healthcare and other concerns, restraintless sexuality, open borders with supreme amnesty for illegal immigrants, appeasement of terrorists, the belief that random chance coincidentally put the universe and all life together, and flip-floppingstance-changing and lying about everything.

Conclusion: The Liberal Democrat’s leanings towards loose or absent laws shows that they are of the Chaotic alignment. Their hypocritical selfishness further puts them in the Chaotic Evil alignment.


                                      Typical Liberal Moonbats…


                                  With their unholy child sacrifice.


Meanwhile, notice how Conservative Republicans support the following: Upholding the death penalty for guilty murderers, banning abortions to protect innocent babies, harsh sentences for crime, legalizing personal-protection firearms, letting productive citizens keep their money while pressing welfare parasites to get a job, personal responsibility for healthcare and other concerns, controlled sexuality, controlled borders with strict law enforcement for illegal immigrants, strong opposition of terrorists/, the belief in an Intelligent Creator who organized the universe and all life’s complexity, and being honest and firm in convictions.

Conclusion: The Conservative Republican’s leanings towards strict laws shows that they are of the Lawful alignment. Their selfless do-gooderness further puts them in the Lawful Good alignment.


                                 A typical Right Wing Conservative.


No wonder Liberals and Conservatives don’t get along well, being of opposite ethical alignments.

This also explains the prevalence of vast Right Wing conspiracy theories among the more reality-challenged Liberals, i.e. Moonbats.

To the unhinged, Chaotic mind of Moonbats, all order is equally disdained and equally possible. There is no difference in difficulty between organizing a pocket-watch and organizing a country – and both are as malignant to a Chaotic.

Now I see how Moonbats can regularly spout out and believe in conspiracy theories such as ‘Bush planned 9/11’ or ‘The U.S. government assassinated Martin Luther King’ or ‘Jews manipulate the economy to rule the world’ – which any sane person would realize is exceedingly improbable to pull off, let alone keep secret.


Just because the Chaos-worshipping Moonbats couldn’t organize their own shoelaces into a knot, they assume the Lawful-aligned Right Wingers have the inhuman capability to organize impossibly complex plots to destroy their precious liberties.

Scott and Other Conservative Bloggers Support Fred Thompson ’08

January 14, 08

Chuck Norris may be backing Mike Huckabee, probably just because Huck’s a self-proclaimed evangelical (but is really a total liberal – see 3rd song and links of this post).

But I’ve finally decided I’m supporting Fred Thompson – the only real conservative on the ‘Conservative’ roll this coming U.S. Presidential Election.

Proof positive of this is the way the liberal media misportrays, belittles and attacks him. That’s one heck of a testimony to his counter-moonbatness for me!

Go GOP! Support Iraq peace, boost the economy and save the world!

Now if only I could actually legally vote in America… Or run for President myself.



Hosted on Moonbattery, these video stills say it all:





And these too:




From Day by Day cartoons, with more Fredness at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (reference for the intentional misrepresentation at here):



Conservative cartoonist Ryskind has been quietly pro-Fred for a while now


Most visited conservative blogger Michelle Malkin‘s conservative base of readers support Fred:



PS. Scott’s most opposed – Hillary ‘Lie, Cheat, Pretend, Act and Anything For Votes’ Clinton.

But any liberals are out, Democrat or Republican affiliated.

Via The People’s Cube:


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