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Dueling Analogs: All Your Bailout Are Belong to Us

March 23, 09

All your bonus are belong to us

Click the comic snippet above to go to full comic. Explanation for video game reference at here, with another political spoof at lol here.

Steve Napierski is understandably tinkled off with the latest round of (predictable) Democrat flip flopping.

He might be even more annoyed to learn that Congress itself protected those AIG bonuses in the first place – through FOUR rounds of legislature.

And that the top DemCongs* like Chris Dodd and even Obama himself received tens of thousands in campaign contributions from AIG.

Cockroaches only ever scuttle noisily for cover while feigning outrage when the light is shone upon them. Oops, I shouldn’t disparage cockroaches – they don’t put on fake outrage.

*DemCong – Democrat of Congress, a play on the term Vietcong.

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