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Obama, SCoaMF: Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Failure

August 20, 11

Ace of Spades HQ has been running reader-submitted graphics featuring Obama’s Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Failure. They rip on well-known images from the Obama campaign/media lovefest.

It has its own Urban Dictionary entry and dedicated blog now.

Speaking of which, see Obama’s Economic Successes: A Roundup and Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Negative XX for corroborating evidence.

I found them amusing so I’m collecting them here while the meme is still young (because AoSHQ archives are horribly hard to navigate or search for specific themes).

On a tip from commentor the botnet (@the_botnet), my posting is the third top Google search for scoamf – after the Urban Dictionary entry and the dedicated blog. (Posts by AoSHQ come in at 6 or more…):

Obama SCOaMF Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure Teleprompter

Anyway, on to the SCoaMFs!

WARNING: UN-CENSORED F-WORDS FOLLOW! Horrifyingly shocking for anyone who has never dealt with leftists before.


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