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Ultimate Captain America: Fighting is About Winning

March 29, 08

From the pages of Ultimate Nightmare, view the action before continuing on with the real-life lesson to be learnt.



The U.S. Democrats have plenty of misconceptions about why American soldiers are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else terror rears its hateful head.

The Democrats and their Code Pinko, World Can’t Wait, etc allies have the misconception that the troops are risking their lives for petty and selfish things like glory, pride, oil, money, power, New World Order, the Jewish conspiracy or hatred of life.

But as Ultimate Captain America says, fighting isn’t about glory. Fighting isn’t about pride.

Fighting is about winning.

And just like the fictional patriotic hero, the real life patriotic heroes – the Army and the Navy and the Air Force and the Marines and the Reserves – are fighting to win against the terrorists. 

So if crazy people think the purpose of fighting is for such vanities as glory and pride, what does the make the Democrats?

The Democrats fight to appease. They fight to withdraw. They fight to pull back. They fight to retreat. They fight to capitulate. They fight to give up. They fight to quit. They fight to surrender.

Winners fight to win – the Democrats fight to lose.

The Democrats are losers.

Such big losers in fact, that they would rather quit at the last moment before winning just to avoid victory.

The Ultimates: ‘A’ Doesn’t Stand For France

March 19, 08

From the comic series The Ultimates, the Homeland Security story arc:




Click link below to see full post with full sized images – and how they apply to the U.S. Democratic Party.


Liberals Are Being Emotionally Manipulated Into Siding With Terrorists

March 12, 08

An excellent article about manipulation of liebral emotions to influence them to surrender their own country to the enemy.


Excerpts from full article at National Summary (emphasis and extra links are mine):

Psyoping Liberals
Our Enemies are Winning the IO War
By D.W.

All of our enemies know that the Western liberal is the weakest link in the chain of our civilizational strength. They know that the liberal is inclined to Marxism and is opposed to a strong religious belief system.

They know that pleasure and indulgence is the liberal’s highest virtue since they lack a strong belief system.

They also know that liberals are easily influenced and control by emotions and that they are less willing to engage in difficult struggles that require pain and sacrifice. Liberals respond exceptionally well to imagery that influences emotions.

Do you think that I am wrong?

Look at the liberals in Europe, especially Spain who surrendered after one terrorist attack.

Look at the Clinton Administration who pulled out of Somalia after one battle where 18 soldiers were killed but was otherwise a butt whooping by the United States.

Look at the liberal response to Afghanistan where a noisy but ineffectual Taliban offensive is being spinned as a strategic defeat for NATO.

Of course Vietnam was the best example of the ability of an enemy to manipulate the American liberal into surrendering. The Tet Offensive was a colossal disaster for the North Vietnamese and led to the absolute decimation of the Vietcong. Yet liberals reacting emotionally to imagery of the battle concluded that the war was lost.

Just how are our enemies conducting Information Operations against the American liberal to compel an American defeat?

Well the exploitation of Western media is the most obvious answer. Liberals tend to accept biased and emotionally charged reporting from the mainstream press uncritically. This is because the media is reporting in line with their strongly held beliefs and mental schematics, reinforcing what they already believe. America is bad and because America is the strongest capitalist nation, it therefore harms all the innocent people of the world out of greed.

One of the essential rules of propaganda is that people automatically resist hostile messages from foreigners but readily listen to messages from co-nationalists. Any good propagandist will use internal actors to deliver his message for him or he will hide the source of the propaganda to make it appear local.

This is easy to do when foreign entities channel money or messages through influential groups like the ones George Soros operates. The Soviets were notorious for their financial support of Western liberal and communist organizations that were sympathetic to their position.

The Chinese gave generous contributions to the Clinton campaign through legitimate surrogates. And campaign contributions that aren’t regulated are an easy way to manipulate a democracy.

Lobbyists acting on behalf of foreign entities are another venue because these guys have direct access to politicians. Well known Washington figures like Madeline Albright make fortunes lobbying on behalf of foreigners.

Our enemy is exceptionally clever and maybe understands America better than we think he does. Why did they attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

They were symbols of the dominance of the American system and of global capitalism.  Liberals also tend to believe that these are symbols of American wickedness. Ward Churchill is openly saying what most of the American left is terrified to say; that the terrorists were right to attack these targets.

Why didn’t Al-Qaeda attack gay bars, abortion clinics, porno shops, and strip bars? Because these are things that liberals believe in. Attacks on these establishments would cause liberals to react emotionally and call for the destruction of Islam.

Al-Qaeda rails about the corruption of the Western way of life because it embraces unrestrained pleasure in defiance of God’s law. In their minds, gay bars and porno videos are the ultimate symbols of American wretchedness and moral degeneracy.

So why not attack symbols of American corruption directly? So why didn’t the Islamist attack gay bars?

Perhaps they understood the weakness of American liberals. All they have to do to gain this understanding is to watch Western television and read Western literature.

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