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Team Fortress 2: Jarate Origin Comic

May 26, 09

Team Fortress 2 Jarate Sniper vs Spy comic

Click the comic snippets montage above to see the full comic. Or click the Sniper vs Spy link for the series of updates which gives the context (sorta) and some amusing exposition.

See also similarly styled comics at these Jay Pinkerton comics and mockery of liberals.

In related news, the latest update for Team Fortress 2, Sniper vs Spy, has implemented a change to the unlockables that is controversial at the very least. In short, unlockables are now granted randomly as a result of play time; obtaining achievements with a particular class have nothing to do with it any more.

This brings joy to the casual players, for now they don’t have to slave away for hours chasing after difficult achievements in order to get the alternate weapons.

It’s good for the game’s classes – previously players would use a class extensively in order to unlock the new weapons for that class, now they will play a class because they just got a new weapon for it.

It’s good for Valve’s business too, in that more casual players will be drawn to this ‘more equal’ playing field.

This simultaneously brings resentment from the dedicated players – those who have already sweated and strained and unlocked all the goodies through the sheer hard work of earning achievements. All their efforts have now been greatly devalued.

For me, I only had the Pyro unlockables Flare Gun and Backburner from grinding achievements. Now I can run around exclusively as Pyro with the powerful Backburner and still find items for the other classes! Hooray! Best of both worlds for me.

On the pros’ resentment, I could draw a Biblical comparison to the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

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