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Alexandersarchive = Commentor Theism and Sock Puppetry?

April 26, 08

Okay, how many people place money on the fact that this blogger Alexander the Great ( is actually the commentor theism, who also created a new blog called theism just to cover his sock-puppetry tracks?

Note that the first link above leads to a blog post that focuses on the exact two of my posts that commentor theism trolls at (this post on incest and this post on Palestinians).


What are the odds of that? Not only that, somehow Alexander manages to title his post ‘Stealing For God’ which would require linking two disparate and unconnected posts (one about matters of religion, and one about Middle East politics that doesn’t even mention God)… Just as theism did in the comments.

And how did he know about theism’s blog, when theism never even left his blog address on the comments he made at my posts?

Not to mention that the new blog ‘theism’ has only one recent, incoherent posting at the time of this comment, which makes it incredibly unlikely that Alexander the Great came across it through Google search:


So at the very least, the two of them are closely affiliated.

At the worst, they are one and the same person – which means that Alexander the Not-so-great has engaged in immoral sock puppetry by using multiple aliases while pretending (and even intentionally greatly attempting to convince others) that they are not all him.

But look closer at the only person in the YOONIVARSE who notices that such a new and content-less blog as theism’s even exists, on the very day that its existence came into being:


They’re practically married and under the sheets in the hotel room! Ewwwww!

Therefore, after reviewing the circumstantial evidence as summarized below:

  1. Alexander posts on the same two topics theism was prodding me about (and not any other of my plentiful insulting/antagonistic posts),
  2. Alexander cites a ‘new blog’ by theism that has only one odd post and no other content,
  3. The new post at theism is posted only one day before Alexander’s post bashing me,
  4. The new post does not even mention my two posts that commentor theism made his remarks on, yet Alexander can manage to pick up just those two of my posts,
  5. Alexander managed to find said theism blog despite its being newborn and having no content (even though I couldn’t because theism never posted his blog address in his comments on my blog), and
  6. Alexander is the only commentor on theism’s single post, on the very day theism creates that post,

I conjecture that Alexander intentionally created the theism blog in order to ‘legitimately’ attack me in his blog on the exact same items that commentor theism has been attacking me on.

Oh my, am I stealing Alexander/theim’s copyright on blog contents now? Well, Fair Use Doctrine specifically states that

[A] reviewer may fairly cite largely from the original work, if his design be really and truly to use the passages for the purposes of fair and reasonable criticism.

And I am SO using screenshots of his/her/its/their blog(s) in order to criticize them.


MORE EVIDENCE!! UPDATE 28 APRIL 2008: By comparing the times on the comments, an amazing factoid is uncovered.

Observe the timestamps on the Alexander’s and my comments at alexandersarchive:


I left that comment there this morning, which to me is the 28th of April 2008. I also left the following comment on my own blog at around the same time I commented at Alexander’s:


By comparing the timestamps (8.16 am on Monday versus 4.33pm on Sunday), you can deduce that my blog’s timestamps are 16 hours ahead of Alexander’s (28 Apr 0813 hours minus 27 Apr 1633 hours).

Now look at the time when commentor theism remarked on my blog recently:


27 Apr 1410 hours on my blog, which minusing the 16 hour difference, would be about 26 Apr 2210 hours (that is, 10 pm) on Alexander’s blog.

So let’s look at those comments on Alexander’s blog again:


Oh, what a coincidence! Alexander and commentor theism just happen to come online and respond to my comments on the respective blogs at almost exactly the same time!

Not only that, Alexander comments to me: FAIL, Scott, fail.  Which just happens to be what I had said to commentor theism (not Alexander!) at here and here.

Amazing coincidence. If I were religious, I’d claim it as a miracle of God. A GOD MIRAKUL!!!!1one!

Okay, sacrcastic snarkiness aside…


I am an A-atheist (Because Atheism is an Unproveable Faith)

March 26, 08

Did you realize that someone who claims to be an atheist – one who does not believe in the existence of any gods – is outing himself as a hardcore believer by blind religious faith?

If you’re not sure, just ask him how he knows that God does not exist. To save time, here are the mutiple-choice answers he will probably pick from:

A) I don’t really know for sure.
B) I just know it.
C) I believe it and that’s what counts.
D) @#$% you, you brainwashed, opiate-of-the-masses addicted, fundamentalist bigot!!!

The point being, no atheist philosopher has ever actually disproven the existence of God. Logically and rationally, it is a patently impossible supposition.

Indeed, this is why most serious and scholarly hard skeptics of religion do not call themselves ‘atheist’ but rather agnostic – they know that it is impossible to prove that God does not exist, so they instead hold to the much less shaky claim that one cannot know for sure about God.

After all, how does one go about disproving the existence of God? You’d think that one of those oh-so-countless, oh-so-intelligent atheistic scientists would have attempted to do that by now.

This is because disproving the existence of God is totally different from disproving the existence of, say, unicorns. Or to be more exact, Planet Earth unicorns – as a creature fitting the description might by chance exist on some faraway planet in Alpha Centauri.

All one has to do is search the entire world’s habitats which are suitable for a land-bound, four-legged, grass-eating, not-heavily-furred mammal. And maybe all of those genetic tampering labs too.

Once that is accomplished, one can say that they have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Planet Earth unicorns do not exist.

But the Christian definition of God is not that of some Earth-bound, fleshling creature. God is omnipresent and spirit – that is, God is everywhere and He is not a physical being.

So in order to prove that God does not exist, one would have to search out every habitat that God could ‘live’ in – namely, the whole entire universe.

So Mr. Atheist Scientist, you’ve searched all of Beta Quadrant? Well, God could still be hiding in Gamma Sector. Or maybe the Outer Rim galaxies. Or Dimension-X.

Are you done with that final star system yet? You’d better hurry up with checking the insides of those not-even-light-can-escape black holes, everyone knows God hates to lose a game of hide-go-seek.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that God is spirit? You’d better invent something that can detect forms of energy never even theoreticized about before.

Um, maybe I shouldn’t bother you when you’re in such a bad mood… But did anyone tell you that God transcends the space, time and multiple dimensions He created in Genesis/The Big Bang?

So does this mean it is humanly impossible to prove that God does not exist somewhere out there in the vast, unexplored, ever-expanding universe? You betcha.

Therefore, since the atheist cannot PROVE that God does not exist, he merely BELIEVES BY FAITH that God does not actually exist.

Unless, of course, the atheist can simultaneously search all of time, space, reality, and existence outside of these things and thereby PROVE that God is nowhere to be found. But in order to do that, the atheist would have to be omnipotent and omnipresentso the atheist would be god!

Congratulations atheists, welcome to the Club of Religion! Don’t worry about catching up to the older members on intolerance, persecution and religious war – your avowed atheists Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot already beat them all by a hundred million victims!

And on a final note, if you protest that my logic is totally flawed – that the burden is not on you as an atheist to prove that God doesn’t exist, but rather is on me as a theist to prove God exists – then I have something to declare.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am an a-atheist.

This is not to say that I do not believe in the existence of people called atheists. Rather, I do not believe that there is such as thing as ‘God not existing’.

And now, I as a a-atheist place the burden of proof on the atheists… To prove to me that God does not exist.

Knock yourselves out.

UPDATE: I have been corrected… Atheists can prove that God does not exist, because atheists are god!

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