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Obama and Tornadoes – Then and Now

May 25, 11

Back on the campaign trail in 2007, Candidate Obama was speaking about the then-recent Kansas tornadoes, using it as a brickbat to attack Operation Iraqi Freedom (which was a hobby horse of his).

Whether fib or flub, he claimed 10,000 people had died. Shame on Bush for drawing needed resources away from Kansas. Shame!

The actual number of tornado fatalities? Twelve.

Now in 2011, the death toll from the tornadoes in Joplin has risen to over a hundred. Where is President Obama?

Acting like a fool in England and Ireland.

But hey, I ain’t judging… Maybe Michelle’s friend’s father died in Britain or something.

Above, before-and-after pic of devastated Joplin from The Daily What via AoSHQ.

More pics here.

MORE: Moonbattery fleshes it out.

UPDATE: A week after the fact, he finally gets to Joplin… Where he chews gum during the solemn memorial service.

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